100 Players Upgrade SBC Cheapest Squad Solution in FIFA 23

If you are looking for the cheapest way to complete the new 100 Players Upgrade SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, then you have come to the right place.

This guide will help you complete the SBC at the lowest price possible.

100 Players Upgrade SBC Cheapest Squad Solution in FIFA 23

EA has launched one of the unique SBCs of the year. We have an SBC that gives you 100 players.  This is basically a pack where you get a lot of fodder.

You would be getting 20 Rare Silver players and 80 Rare Gold players with this upgrade pack. At this point in time, if you do not have a Mbappe card, this is your chance of getting one.  There is no gold card at the moment that people would use in the game, apart from a few like Mbappe, Van Dijk, Neymar, etc.

The point is, if you already have these gold cards with you, there is no point in doing the SBC for players. But instead, you could actually do it for fodder. This SBC will literally give you all the fodder you need to complete SBCs like Jairzinho and Zidane.

So basically you start off with the SBC and complete the higher-rated squads first. Once you are almost out of fodder, use whatever you have to complete the 100 Players Upgrade SBC and get back all the fodder you need to complete the remaining squads for the SBC you were doing initially. 

Cheapest Method or Way to do the 100 Players Upgrade SBC:

You have to submit 3 squads for the SBC:

Squad 1 83-Rated Squad:

  • You only have to submit a squad that is 83 rated or higher.

Squad Price:

Consoles PC
14,250  12,850

Squad 2 84-Rated Squad:

  • You need to submit at least one TOTW player in the squad.
  • The overall squad rating should be 84 or higher.

Squad Price:

Consoles PC
38,500  33,000

Squad 3 85-Rated Squad:

  • The overall squad rating should be 85 or higher.

Squad Price:

Consoles PC
63,250  65,250

Total SBC Cost (Cheapest): 

Consoles PC
116,000 111,100

Surprisingly PC is cheaper than consoles at the moment. That is how unstable the market is this year. This SBC would even cause the market to fall. Player prices would be affected and chances are fodder prices will decrease further.

You might want to wait for a day or two before you complete the SBC. In case you do not have enough fodder in the club and you have to buy the majority of the players.

I would recommend using the untradeable cards in the club first to reduce the cost of the SBC further.  Also, feel free to copy the squads I have shown as they are the cheapest ones you could build at the time of publishing this guide.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know and also keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 23 guides.

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