86+ Player Pick SBC Cheapest Solution in FIFA 22

This guide will help you complete the new 86+ Player Pick SBC at the cheapest price possible.

86+ Player Pick SBC Cheapest Solution in FIFA 22

The 86+ Player Pick SBC is out today and it is repeatable once as well. You get a chance to pick from 4 players which makes this SBC super good unless the drop rate is really bad which I do not feel would be the case since it is the end of July. This is basically the time when EA becomes super generous.

If you ask me I would always choose player-pick SBC over upgrade SBCs which is why I would complete this twice just to get the best out of it.

By no means this SBC is cheap so think twice before getting this twice. Luck might just not be with you and you would only lose all your club fodder and end up with two 86-rated cards that are not quite usable.

86+ Player Pick SBC Cheapest Squad :

I would be helping you build the cheapest squad for this SBC so far. But before we do that let’s quickly check the requirements for the SBC :

  • Squad Rating should be 84 or higher
  • Team Chemistry should be 70 or more

This is the cheapest squad you could use in this SBC at the time of publishing this guide. The market is super unpredictable at the moment. There is no saying when fodder prices would go up and come down. Take a look at the price of this squad below.

PlayStation Xbox PC
65,700 63,050 68,000

Like I said before, this SBC is a bit costly considering the prize being 86 or above-rated players. If you are not lucky you might end up with an 86-rated gold player after spending 65k coins which makes literally no sense.

However, I feel EA would not be that cruel at this point in time. Normally these SBCs have a good drop rate. It is kind of a risk but I should say that you could go for it. What is there to lose at the moment? The game is almost coming to an end.

If you are completely out of fodder or you just need the cheapest squad for this SBC then go ahead and copy the squad I have shown here.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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