90+ Icon Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution FIFA 23

It’s a Sunday and EA has just dropped the 90+ Icon SBC. Icons cards this year had been top-notch. Normally we would get only 3 variants of Icon cards and 90% of them were useless.

Therefore, EA decide to make things better this year. They gave a lot of icon variants and a lot of them were actually usable in the game. This is a really bold move by EA, as users like me love to play with icon cards.

I grew up watching these icons play and there is nothing more satisfying than using them in the game. The 90+ Icon SBC could be a risky one. Since now, we have so many icon cards and most of them are above 90.

For the price you are paying, this SBC does not seem a good value for coins. You may end up getting an unusable icon which would only result in a waste of fodder. However, if you still wish to do it then you should follow this guide as I show you the cheapest way to complete this SBC.

90+ Icon Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution FIFA 23

The SBC does not specify which variant, so you may get any icon card that is 90 or above. You need to submit 3 squads for this SBC.

83-Rated Squad:

  • At least 1 player who is 85 overall or higher should be there in the squad.
  • The overall squad rating should be 83 or higher.

Take a look at the squad cost below:

Consoles  PC
20,250 19,300

85-Rated Squad:

  • The overall squad rating should be 85 or higher.

Check out the price below:

Consoles  PC
53,750 55,050

87-Rated Squad:

  • The overall squad rating should be 87 or higher.

I have used Chiellini in the SBC. He is 90 rated and you can easily get him by completing his SBC.

Here is the Squad price below:


Consoles  PC
59,350 56,050

Total SBC Cost (Cheapest):

Consoles  PC
133,350 130,400

It is quite shocking that the 85-rated and the 87-rated squads are very similar in pricing. This shows how unpredictable the market is at the moment. These are the cheapest squads you can submit for this SBC at the time of writing this article.

I would recommend using untradeable cards first and then buying the ones you need. In case, you do not have much fodder, go ahead and buy the squad I have shown.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23.

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