A Plague Tale: Innocence PS5 – Game keeps Crashing | How to fix this Crash

Is A Plague Tale : Innocence crashing in the PS5 for you? Well we have an easy fix for this . Lets find out .

A Plague Tale: Innocence PS5 – Game keeps Crashing | How to fix this Crash

A Plague Tale : Innocence was initially released on 14th May 2019 for the PS4, XBox One and the PC and it is released again for the PS5, the XBox Series X/S and the Switch. The game looked brilliant for its time and has a unique and engaging story.

Not many users have complained about the game crashing on their PlayStation 5 but if its crashing for you probably there could be some issue with the download/installation of the game or the console itself.

How to fix this problem ?

Even though this isn’t an identified general issue but we can sure help you fix any crash related problem with this game on your PS5. This actually reminds of Returnal which kept crashing now and then leaving you error codes most of the time. For Returnal it was happening to a lot of users and for this game however there isn’t many complaints.

The PlayStation 5 since its release had been plagued with database issues. Do not worry as database issues are pretty common and can be fixed easily but just that you might have to fix it every week. Database problems generally occur when the app or the game you are trying to run could not pull up the required data. Even if it does it could probably be slower resulting in various performance issues.

Fixing database or rebuilding Database is basically defragmenting you console storage so that the required data for every app is processed faster. We can also call it re arranging data in your storage to maximize performance. This is how it is done :

  • Turn off the PlayStation 5 completely and make sure all the lights are off.
  • Take out the power plug and leave it unplugged for 3-4 minutes.
  • This will clear out the Cached data .
  • Now plug back the chord and press and hold the power button for as along as you don’t hear the second beep.
  • The moment you hear the second beep let go of it and the console will be booted in Safe Mode
  • Make sure you have your controller plugged in directly to the USB.
  • Press the PS button on the controller
  • Now select the option Rebuild Database displayed on the screen.
  • Time taken will depend on the amount of storage.

This will rearrange data on your hard drive and rebuild the entire database system. You will automatically feel your console working faster than before. This should ideally fix the crashing problem with the game. However if it still keeps crashing then Reinstalling the game could be the best thing to do. A fresh installation or download will fix any corrupted file or re download any missing file as well. This would definitely fix the problem for you

There you go , an easy way you can fix A Plague tale : Innocence from crashing on your PS5. Do let us know if this guide was helpful. Please share your thoughts regarding this as well.

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