Apex Legends Season 9 – No HUD / Missing UI Elements and Options | How to FIX

Apex Legends Season 9 update comes with its share of bugs and glitches. Apart from the servers being down for like hours after its launch, we have a new glitch that literally ruins your UI. You won’t be able to see all the options or elements. Sadly restarting the game would not fix the issue as well. Let’s see how we can get it fixed.

Apex Legends Season 9 – No HUD / Missing UI Elements and Options | How to FIX

It is pretty annoying when you finally connect to the servers just to find out that your game UI is all messed up. You try restarting the game multiple times but that simply doesn’t work. On top of that, no one would want to reinstall the game again even though it could fix the issue, but that is just a long and boring way to do it.

Is there a Fix?

For now, no there isn’t an official fix for this. However, there is a way in which this can be solved. This worked for many users and hopefully would work for you too.

  • Open Steam
  • Go to Library on the top and select Home
  • Then select Apex Legends from the left and then right click on it
  • Now click on Properties
  • From the left side select Local Files
  • Now click on Verify Integrity of Game Files

This process will take a while depending on the size of the game. Therefore you need to be patient for a while. Launch the game after it is done to check if it worked for you. If not then you can try to reinstall but that should be completely your call. As I said before there are no official fixes as of now. You might have to wait for a patch fix if this doesn’t work for you.

Hope this article has been useful. Do let us know and also share your thoughts. Enjoy the game.

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