Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to Easily get all RUNES

Runes are like attachments to your gear which gives you some added stats. These help you become stronger and always give you an edge in battle. Some runes are pretty good but are hard to find. There is a way you can get all the very easily indeed without taking the stress of farming for each one.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to Easily get all RUNES

Follow these steps to get the best runes without even grinding :

  • You can buy runes from a shop. But only if you enter the shop for the first time after loading the game.
  • Load the game and enter a shop for the first time. But before you enter the shop save the game. You need to make a new save. Then interact with the vendor to check the set of runes you can buy. Buy whichever ones you need.
  • In case you do not get the rune you wish to buy in that shop, just load the game from the new save that you made before entering the shop. Now interact with the vendor again to see if they have got that rune for sale or not.
  • Basically, we need to reset a shop. There isn’t any specific way you can reset a shop every time apart from saving the game just before buying the runes. But then if you buy the runes you will need to save the game again. Once you make the new save there is no point loading from the save you made before buying because you had already bought the runes and want some new ones. For this, you just need to wait for like 45 mins to 1 hour before you enter the shop again. You can do some missions if you want in the meantime. Or you can just let your character stand there while you go off to do some other work and come back after an hour. It is not guaranteed that the shop will reset in that time, you only need to keep checking.

Hopefully, now you know how you can get all the runes you want without actually farming for it. Become stronger much faster and of course, enjoy the game.

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