Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to find and beat King Burged

If you are stuck in the “Tilting the Balance” mission, trying to understand how to locate King Burgred’s hideout or how to beat him then you have to the right place.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to find and beat King Burged

The hideout is basically in a crypt at the junction of the two rivers Army and Alne. You need to follow the objective marker until it disappears. This is when you need to call your Raven to help you locate the entrance. Under Odin’s sight, you will be able to see that the location will be below the ground. The place is highly protected and there stands a church in the middle.

Go to the left side of the base, near a camp with a bonfire. There you will find a house which is actually the entrance to the basement. When you go inside you will find a staircase that will lead you down. You will reach a room where you will find a hole in the wall guarded by a crate on the left. Kill the guard and move the crate to slide into a room with a chest. Open it and collect the Carbon Ingot. Come out of that room through the hole and on the right wall of the room, you will find a crack. Walk towards it and Eivor will automatically go through that crack into another room. Go right to get the book of knowledge. Interact to get Focus of Nornir ability.

Come out through the crack and go straight into another room with a guard standing in front of a breakable wall. Kill the guard and break the wall using an oil jar. Go down the stairs and into the water. Swim straight until you reach a dead end. Use Odin’s vision to locate a chest underwater. Dive in and open the chest to get the Fyrd Spear. Come out back into the room and go straight to the other room where you will find a guard who has the key. Kill him and get the key and open the door right in front of him to reach King Burgred’s hideout.

Now, you will be unarmed when you fight King Burgred. Even though he uses a sword. Unfair to be honest but we need to deal with it. The best way to beat him is to parry his attack first and counter him with a few blows. Do not try to attack him first. Repeat this process until he goes down exhausted. Tie him up.

So this is the easiest way to deal with King Burgred. Even though it could be tricky to find his location but I am certain that this guide will help you out pretty well. Enjoy the game

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