Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to get Mjolnir / Thor’s Hammer | Location Guide

We all love Thor, don’t we? Yes, Valhalla actually lets you enjoy Thor’s armor as well as his famous hammer. But it is not so easy to get. In other words, you need to be worthy. Let’s find out how we can get the Mjolnir.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to get Mjolnir / Thor’s Hammer | Location Guide

Before we find out the way to get the Mjolnir, let us check the stats on this mighty weapon :

Looks like Mjolnir is perhaps the best weapon in the game. It has extremely high stun damage for all the enemies around. You can literally take out huge crowds just like that. In order to get the weapon we need to get Thor’s Armor first. We have to basically collect all the individual gear pieces first and then we shall be worthy enough to lift the legendary hammer.

In order to get the gear pieces we need to first defeat 3 witches. These witches are like bosses. So you basically sign in for a 1 v 1 with them. Once you beat them you will get a gear piece from Thor’s Armor and a dagger which of course you will require later on to find Thor’s helmet.

First Witch Location :

This is where you find the first witch. She will have fire as her element and you need to be a little careful from all that fire damage. However, if you time your abilities correctly like if you use Harpoon on her in the middle of an animation then you can deal quite a bit of damage on her making things easier for you.

Second Witch Location :

Towards the western side of East Anglia, you will get the second witch who will have Lightning as her element of choice. Defeat her in the same way as the first one.

Third Witch Location :

You will find the third witch in Grantebridgescire and she will probably not have any elemental damage. However for what it seems like she might have poison clouds around her but you will shockingly enough not take any poison damage.

Thor’s Helmet Location :

Go over to this location in East Anglia where you will find a Tomb. Go inside the Tomb and you will get a statue. Place all three daggers that you received from the three witches on the statue. This will unlock a chest where you can get Thor’s Helmet.

Thor’s Cape Location :

We have until now every piece of gear from Thor’s Armor but one. That is his cape. Till now it’s pretty easy. You might feel that you can easily get his armor now. But sadly you have to kill everyone in the Order menu to get the last piece of armor.

You will get one last Quest to assassinate the last target.  After you get all the Order Medallions from completing the quests you need to hand these in to your settlement to get the last piece of gear from Thor’s armor – The Cape.

The Mjolnir – Thor’s Hammer Location :

Now that we have all the gear pieces for Thor’s Armor, we need to equip it. Once we wear the armor we now become worthy to lift up the legendary Mjolnir.

To get the hammer we need to go back to Norway in Hordafylke. In this area marked on the map, you can find the hammer stuck in between a bunch of rocks. We can only lift or interact with the hammer if we have Thor’s Armor equipped.

That is it. The legendary Mjolnir is ours and we can now use all of its power in-game. It is definitely worth the grind. Hopefully, this guide makes it easier. Enjoy the game.

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