Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Where to find Salmon fish

Fishing is a new addition to the game. There are many fishing challenges which gives you good rewards. But specific locations have specific types of animals . It is also the same for fishes. In order to find salmon you can check out these places .

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Where to find Salmon fish

You can find Salmon in these regions :

  • Eurvicscire (190 skill level)
  • Lincolnscire (160 skill level)
  • Snotinghamscire (130 skill level)

Snotinghamscire would be the place with the lowest skill level of the 3 so you can try this region out first. Look in the small streams and rivers . The waterways of Hemthorpe is a good place to look for Salmon. You can reach this region by taking The Sleeping Jotun or the one to the northwest of Ulkerthorpe Fort. West of Lincolnscire you can find bunch of small water bodies and a large waterway which is also a good place for fishing. You can use the fast travel to Lincoln in order to reach this area. A fast travel point west of Jor River will take you to Eurvicscire. Water bodies in this area will be good for catching salmon.

Hopefully now it will be easier for you to catch Salmon . You don’t have to randomly start fishing everywhere to get them. Just follow the locations I have mentioned and you will definitely catch a lot of them easily.



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