COD Black Ops Cold War – Cannot Buy Battle Pass | Season 5 | Is there a Fix ?

Wondering why you always end up with an error when you buy the Season 5 battle pass? This is how you get it fixed

COD Black Ops Cold War – Cannot Buy Battle Pass | Season 5 | Is there a Fix ?

Season 5 is finally here and the Battle Pass looks really fun this time. Atleast it is worth grinding is what I feel. However there had been many users complaining about an Error popping up when they tried to buy the battle pass.

You go over to the Battle Pass tab and click on Buy Battle Pass. You get 2 options whether you want a BP with 20 Tier Skip or just a regular BP. You select any one and it shows that your are Purchasing. However this is the point where you would randomly get this error message and it takes you back to your multiplayer screen when you select Dismiss.

Can it be Fixed ?

Well, there isn’t any official fix to this. However there is a fix which worked for most users as of now. It even worked for me.

  • Open and select COD Cold War
  • Select the little settings icon next to the Play button
  • Now select Scan and Repair
  • This would take a while because the game is literally huge.
  • Once done you can check if this fixed the problem or not
  • If not you just need to go ahead and Re-Install the entire game. That would surely fix the problem.
  • For Console users you just need to Re-install the game.

There you go, this should ideally fix the problem. You will now be able to buy the BP and enjoy Season 5.

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