COD Modern Warfare 2 How to Unlock Lachmann Sub MP5 and Lachman-556 Rifle

Wondering how you could get the ne Lachmann Sub MP5 SMG in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? This guide will show you a way to unlock it easily.

COD Modern Warfare 2 How to Unlock Lachmann Sub MP5 and Lachman-556 Rifle

We are currently on Call Of Duty MW 2 Beta and the game is amazing. At first, I did feel that this game could be a disappointment considering how I hated Vanguard when it came out. But to my surprise, they have managed to get almost everything right.

The shooting is on point, it feels heavy and tight, and the sound effects are incredible. But the best thing about the game so far would be the visuals. The graphics are out of this world.

How to Get the Lachmann Sub MP5 SMG and Lachmann-556 Rifle in COD MW 2 :

I always loved SMGs in COD games. For some reason, SMGs felt better than Assault Rifles. The reason being, they are better fire rate, magazine, and also your movement speed would be better when you used one compared to an AR.

I am pretty sure a lot of you would want to lay your hands on the Lachmann Sub MP5 SMG. When you start off with the game you would find the Lachmann-556 (the AR version of the MP5) will be locked.

But let’s say we have found a glitch to unlock this weapon which would let us unlock the SMG variant Lachmann Sub later on.

Just follow these steps :

  • Create a New Loadout in Class Setup
  • Select Hunter-Stalker Class
  • Change your Primary to one of the Shotguns (Expedite 12)
  • Go to Perk Package and change it to Deadeye instead of Hunter.
  • Deadeye has the Overkill as a base perk which allows you to carry two Primary weapons.
  • Now you have the Lachmann-556 Rifle available in the game.

Once you get the Lachmann-556 rifle level up the weapon by playing games with it. Take out enemies and keep leveling up the weapon until you get the Lachmann Sub Receiver. Once you get it, equip it, and you would have the Lachmann Sub SMG or the MP5.

That is how you could unlock the Lachmann-556 rifle as well as the SMG Lachmann Sub.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more COD Modern Warfare 2 guides.

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