COD Vanguard PS4 & PS5 – Crashing and Freezing / Not Loading | How to Fix Crash

Wondering why the new Call of Duty Vanguard would keep crashing on your PlayStation 4 and 5? Well, we are here to get it fixed right away.

COD Vanguard PS4 & PS5 – Crashing and Freezing / Not Loading | How to Fix Crash

The new Call of Duty Vanguard is finally here on all platforms and the excitement is real. We COD fans know that the wait for worth it as this game looks stunning. I personally loved Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare and I am looking forward to another year of intense Call of Duty action.

However there are users who complained about the game randomly crashing on their PlayStation consoles. At times it would just refuse to load and stay stuck on the black screen. Well, there are a few easy way to fix this problem which is why we are here.

Why does your game crash on the PS4 and PS5 ?

Well, lets understand the reason why the game would keep crashing and freezing.

  • If you are suddenly disconnected form the server.
  • Console software or the game is not updated
  • There are a lot of Cached data bringing down your console performance
  • If you have corrupted local save files
  • Your console has database issues.

Now all these could be fixed easily. For the first point that I mentioned you basically have no fault of your own. You would not be able to do anything if the COD Servers are down or under maintenance or if your ISP is the culprit. All you can do is call them up and know the details of it. So lets leave out the first option. So lets focus on the points that come after that.

Also makes sure your PlayStation Console Software is updated. Just got to Settings >> System Software Update

Dealing with Corrupted Saves (only PS4 users) ?

Yes, corrupted local saves are the worst. They are the primary reason for games crashing on you PlayStation. How to do fix this ? Can we repair these files ? No, we cannot. Can we delete them? Ofcourse we can and that is what we are going to do. This is how you delete them.

Settings >> Storage>>Saved Data

Now select the game Call of Duty Vanguard and then you have to press the options button on your controller. If you  have one save then select that or if there are multiple saves then select all of them and hit Delete. This will completely remove all local save files from your system. Thus removing the corrupted one too. No worries, since your online saves will still be there.

How to Deal with Cached Data and Database Problems (both PS4 and PS5 users) ?

Next on the list will be Cached data and Database issues. We will deal with both together. If the game keeps crashing after deleting the save files then there could be a possibility that the console has database errors. What do we do now ? Let me walk you through.

The PlayStation console maintains a complicated Database system through which the different apps and games that we use gets access to its required data in order to run smoothly. If the game could not access that data it would probably crash leaving you an Error Code CE-34878-0 .

The concept of Defragmenting the hard drive works in the exact same way. It is basically arranging data in a way your apps would have quick access to it. So how do we fix it?

  • Turn off your console completely. Take out the power plug and leave it unplugged for 2-3 minutes. The next time you turn on your PS4 console the Cached Data will be cleared automatically.
  • Now press and hold the power button until you hear 2 beeps. Let go on the second beep. The console boots up in Safe Mode.
  • Connect the controller to the USB and press the PS Button
  • Now on the screen you would get an option called Rebuild Database for PS4 and Clear Cached Data and Rebuild Database for PS 5
  • Click on Rebuild Database for PS4 and that would be it. For PS5 on the other hand once you click on Clear Cached Data and Rebuild Database you would get two more options. Select Clear Cached Data and then Rebuild Database. Time take will depend on the amount of data on your hard drive.

There you go, easy steps that would help you fix any Crash related problems with COD Vanguard. If this guide was helpful , please let us know in the comment section below.




1 thought on “COD Vanguard PS4 & PS5 – Crashing and Freezing / Not Loading | How to Fix Crash”

  1. Since i play on my new PS5, call of duty has crashed several times of wich two times yesterday. I play shipment map constatly to upgrade my weapons.
    What happens is that the game completely freezes, except for me because i can walk around the map for half a minute or so. Pretty funny, where it not for lost time and points.
    When the game finally kicks me out i get a connection lost to server message.
    My problem has absolutly nothing to do with my internet, im on a wired connection btw, so its either a COD server issue, or my PS5 is at fault.
    Any thoughts about this?

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