Diablo Immortal – What is the Max Level You Can Reach ? Level Capping

If you are wondering what is the Maximum Level you can reach in Diablo Immortal then you have come to the right place.

Diablo Immortal – What is the Max Level You Can Reach? Level Capping

I had always been a huge fan of the Diablo Franchise. Had been playing it since I was a kid and I have played every Diablo game so far.

Diablo Immortal is finally out not only for PC but also for Android and IOS devices. The game received positive reviews and is now attracting gamers worldwide.

The game has a huge fan base. I would not be surprised to see people maxing out their characters in a few days. That is how much I was addicted to Diablo back in the day as well. So what do you basically do after you have maxed out your character? What is the maximum level you can reach? Is there a dead point in the game where you cannot progress anymore?

It is very common to have these questions in mind if you are new to the franchise. Let me help you out with that.

Maximum Level You Can Reach in Diablo Immortal :

Well, if you are new to the franchise let me tell you that Diablo Immortal has six classes you can choose from in the beginning. These classes can go up to a level of 60. So basically your character could only go to a maximum level of 60 and cannot progress beyond that.

However, Diablo 3 introduced the concept of the Paragon System. Well, these are basically levels open to all character classes and can only be accessed once you reach the maximum level of 60. So do not be worried about losing all the XP after reaching the max character level. Whatever you earn would help you unlock Paragon points which could be used in any of the six Paragon Skill Trees :

  • Survivor (unlocked at Paragon level one)
  • Vanquisher (unlocked at Paragon level one)
  • Treasure Hunter (unlocked at Paragon level 50)
  • Gladiator (unlocked at Paragon level 100)
  • Soldier (unlocked at Paragon level 150)
  • Mastermind (unlocked at Paragon level 150)

Every Paragon Tree has like 100 levels and there are a total of 6 Paragon Skill trees. So the maximum level you could reach in Diablo is 600 after your maximum character level which is 60. Now that sounds long, doesn’t it? Well, yes it is. That is how the game is designed to keep you engaged so that you do not ever feel that there is nothing left to grind for.

That is basically all you need to know about the maximum level in Diablo Immortal.

I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below.

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