Dirt 5 – Crash at Launch Error Code (tryCreatingPipelineState….HR = 0x8007000e)

Dirt 5 gives us an amazing off-road racing experience. The game looks visually stunning. Codemasters did a wonderful job with all the particle detail and the weather effects in the game as well. Not only the visuals the game plays well too.

However, there is an issue that many users are facing. The game crashes when you start it with an error code of “tryCreatingPipelineStateFromCache(pipelineStateDescnullCashedPro, plnOutPipelineState)’failed with ‘HR = 0x8007000e”. So how do we get this fixed?

Dirt 5 – Crash at Launch Error Code (tryCreatingPipelineState….HR = 0x8007000e)

The game crashes when you try to launch it with an error code of “tryCreatingPipelineStateFromCache(pipelineStateDescnullCashedPro, plnOutPipelineState)’failed with ‘HR = 0x8007000e” . This is obviously annoying for the people who waited eagerly for the game.

Is there a Fix?

Apparently not, there is no official fix to this right now. We might have to wait for a patch if the issue is from the developer’s end . But what we doubt is that this could probably be a Direct X problem. The game supports DIRECT X 12 ONLY. Check whether your video card supports Direct X 12 or not. If not, then probably that is the reason why this is happening. The game wont runs if you have a Direct X version lower than 12 . However, some Direct X 12 users have also faced similar problems. Basically, this is what you can try for the time being.

Try Updating your Video Drivers :

Updating Video Drivers could fix the problem. Make sure you have updated drivers. In order to do that you can just click on the link below :

Verifying the Game Files for Dirt 5 :

A crash on startup could very well be due to corrupted game files. Steam allows us to verify the game files and re-download any missing or corrupted files. This is how you do it .

  • Start Steam Client
  • On top of your screen select Library and click on Home
  • From the left side, panel select Dirt 5 
  • Right-click on Dirt 5 and select Properties 
  • The click on Local Files tab
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files 
  • This normally takes some time depending on the size of the game. After it is done try re-launching the game.

Re-Install the Game :

If the above step doesnt work for you, you can try to reinstall the game.  As I said, corrupted files could be the reason for this and a fresh installation is the best way to deal with it. This is how you do it.

  • Open Steam
  • On the top select Library and then click on Home.
  • From the left side, panel select Dirt 5 and right-click on the game.
  • Now select the option Manage and click on Uninstall 
  • This takes a while and the game will be removed. You have to re-download it now.
  • The Play option will be replaced by an Install option.
  • Click on that button to start re-downloading the game again.

If none of these fix the issue for you and you own a video card that supports Direct X 12, then probably the issue could be from the developer’s end. Waiting for a patch fix would be the best thing to do then.

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