EA Sports FC24- Best 433(4) Attack Formation Custom Tactics

If you are one of those guys who loves to relentlessly attack in a football game, there isn’t a better formation out there for you. The 433(4) or the 433 Attack is one of the most offensively strong formations in EA Sports FC24.

With the right set of tactics, you will be amazed to see how well it works defensively too. However, I would still recommend not using the formation when you want to defend a lead. Using it when you want to take a lead or score an equalizer will be the right thing to do.

In this guide, we will be talking about the best 4-3-3(4) custom tactics in EA Sports FC24.

EA Sports FC24- Best 433(4) Attack Formation Custom Tactics

This formation does not give you a holding midfielder. Instead, you get two CMs and a CAM. This is the reason why it lacks defensive stability. However, if you are good at putting pressure on the opponent’s defense, this could be an ideal formation for you.

  • We need to play a higher line of defense in order to maintain the pressure on the opponent. The objective is to win the ball back as soon as we lose it.  Therefore a depth of 70 with 44 width seems to work just fine with the formation.
  • For offense, you can either use Fast Build Up along with Balanced Chance Creation or Balanced Build Up with Direct Passing as Chance Creation. Fast Build makes your players go forward faster and at times you might lack options for a short pass. So I would recommend sticking to Balanced with Direct Passing.

Player Instructions for the 433(4) or 433 Attack:

Use these Player instructions for the 4-3-3 (4):

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking
  • CM with better defensive Stats on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center with Stay on the Edge of the Box for Cross. The one with better offensive stats will be on Balanced Instructions and Get Into the Box for Cross.
  • RW and LW will be on Balanced instructions and Get Into the Box for Cross. If you have Wingers with above 88 pace, you can try and use Get in Behind.
  • CAM should be on Balanced instructions and Get Into the Box for Cross.
  • Striker should be on Get In Behind. If he is a  physical type of Striker, go for Target Man. If you have someone like Haaland who can run, then stick to Get In Behind.

Remember, the formation offers you a lot of width. So make use of that. Switch wings whenever possible and look for the runs that your striker makes. It is not the ideal or the most meta formation in FC24 but if you play it correctly with this set of tactics it will work wonders for you.

That is all on “EA Sports FC24- Best 433(4) Attack Formation Custom Tactics

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