eFootball PES 2022 – Users Cannot Download the Game on Steam | Stuck Download FIX

eFootball 2022 downloads are stuck for many users on Steam. Here is how you can fix it easily.

eFootball PES 2022 – Users Cannot Download the Game on Steam | Stuck Download FIX

eFootball 2022 formerly known as PES is finally out on all major platforms. It is free and we are all looking forward to it. However, a lot of users are complaining about the download getting stuck. I know it could be very irritating waiting for hours with absolutely no progress on the download. Well, that is why we are. To fix this major problem happening with Steam lately.

How to Fix this problem?

Well, firstly what you can do is try and restart the Steam client. Yes, a lot of times a simple restart could do wonders. If that doesn’t help then try restarting your pc and your internet connection. This should for most users be a good enough fix. Also, make sure you have enough space in the drive (more than 50 GB) .

A lot of times we just need to wait. Since eFootball 2022 is a large game it might take a while for Steam to allocate the disk space. The download would just seem stuck when it is actually not. Just click on the Play button and you will see a bar getting filled up with blue blocks. Wait for a while until this bar is filled completely. Only then will your download start. If the download is still stuck after the bar is filled up or the bar is not filling up you can follow these steps which I am about to show you.

Check Your Steam Download Settings :

First and foremost you need to have your anti-virus turned off. There were instances in the past where the anti-virus would actually block steam from downloading anything onto your pc. Hence make sure you have them completely turned off. Now follow these steps :

  • Launch Steam and then click on the Steam option on the top left
  • Now go to Settings  and then click on Download
  • Now click on Clear Download Cache. This will clear up all your download cache. Many times the download would just get stuck because of that.
  • You can also select the Steam Library Folders option and choose the download folder for steam. At times the links to this folder might get broken and cause downloads to get stuck. Select the folder and click on Repair Folder. This should repair broken links or create new ones.
  • Now your download region could also be a problem. Maybe a lot of users are connected to steam from your region and the servers are heavy and loaded and could not function. Maybe it could be a technical difficulty. Changing the region could help you fix any such problems. You can scroll through the different regions after clicking on Download Region and select the best one for you. You might have to try it a few times.
  • Always remember to Restart Steam after making any changes to your Steam Download settings.

There you go, an easy fix for eFootball PES 2022 download getting stuck for Steam users. If this guide was helpful do let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. hai!what does it course lagging to my online games?iam using fiber internet connection as my ping is 5ms,download 94mbps and upload is 64.5mbps.Could this happen to my GPU or my computer
    system setting ?Or,maybe the graphic card dosent meet the game requirement as iam playing using laptop?Here i list down the system that the laptop currently running :Toshiba satellite M840,upgrade to OS windows 10 single language,8GB ram,250GB hard drive,intel core i7 2.2Ghz 4 core(s) 8 logical processor ,AMD Readeon HD 7600M series and 3.87GB Vram.Can anybody help me out with the issue?tq

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