F1 2020 – Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

F1 2020 is finally released on all major platforms on 7th July 2020. Developed and published by Codemasters it is the twelfth installment in the franchise. The game features 22 circuits, 20 drivers, and 10 teams from the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship.

The game did get positive reviews since there is a lot of customization. However, the game could prove difficult for a beginner. Here are some tips for beginners to become better at the game.

F1 2020 – Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

Race Style and Assists :

There are two different types of Race Styles in the game

  • Standard
  • Casual

Standard :

This is what we had in the previous installments. A full F1 experience and complete control over all the driving options. Not recommended for beginners

Casual :

Recommended for beginners as a number of assists is turned on by default making the car easier to control. Going off track will get you back on track after a short countdown which could also prove helpful for beginners.

Once we get used to the mechanics we can turn off the assists to make things a little bit more difficult. And when we are confident on our driving skills we can go back to the Standard Race Style to get the full F1 experience.

Track Acclimatisation :

Studying a track will help you get better since you will know when exactly you would need to turn or how to adjust your speed and be prepared for it. Knowing a track is like knowing a song before you dance. It will always give you the edge.

F1 2020 gives us the option to study an individual track in detail in the Track Acclimatisation option. It will show us the best places to turn, apply brakes, or acceleration through corners through a detailed track guide. Completing the track will give you scores. Try to get better scores in order to master that track.

Dealing with Corners and Braking :

The F1 cars have strong brakes which could stop the car in a very short time. Therefore it is a bit difficult to get the timing right when you need to brake around a corner. A good way to do that is to know when exactly you need to apply the brakes to slow down.

Check out the meter boards at the side of the race track. These boards show you how far is the corner from the location of that board. Try to see the 100-meter board while you driving. This will be your indicator that you need to slow down since the corner will be just 100 meters away. However, every corner is different but this could be a good way to learn for a beginner.

Adjusting the Camera Angle :

F1 2020 allows you to play at different camera angles in order to select the one best suited for you. Selecting a better Camera Angle could actually improve your gameplay. A better angle would let you see the track properly and know the location of the corners.

Normally the cockpit view is not recommended for beginners since you don’t get a clear view of the road. A camera angle without obstructions is better. Therefore you can use the TV Pod view which is ideally the best for beginners.

Adjusting AI Difficulty :

In order to get better you need to have the perfect AI difficulty to practice. Too easy would not make you get better and too difficult might become frustrating. F1 2020 yet again gives you another option that would prove very helpful for beginners.

The AI Driver Level could be set according to your preference. A level of 50 is recommended for beginners. Just set up a race and set the AI Driver level to 50. After completing the race check the time. If you feel that you are doing a lot better than the AI drivers then increase the AI Driver level by 10 and complete the race again. You can do this until you feel the drivers are almost at your level and the race feels thrilling enough.

So these were the ways in which you can get better at the game. However, play styles vary and these options are definitely not a cheat code to win. You are free to choose whatever suits you the best. These tips are basically for players who are new to the franchise and have no clue about the fundamentals. Thank you and drive fast.

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