FAR CRY 6 PS4 PS5 Xbox – Crashing and Freezing Always | Fix Crash

This article will guide you how you can easily fix crash related problems with Far Cry 6 on both current and next gen consoles. If you are facing similar issues check this guide out.

FAR CRY 6 PS4 PS5 Xbox – Crashing and Freezing Always | Fix Crash

Far Cry 6 is finally out for all major platforms. The Caribbean looks absolutely stunning and I am loving this game at the moment. It plays well on my PC , however for some console users the game would constantly freeze or crash . there are a few fixes which you can do in order to fix any kind problems you are facing with the game at the moment.

How to Solve ?

Well, firstly you need to make sure that your console and the game are updated to their latest versions. Once you have done that you may want to follow these steps to ensure that the problem is fixed.

Step 1 :

Most of the time corrupted local saves actually cause the game to crash on the console. This could be the reason for Far Cry 6 too. this is how you remove save game files from your console storage :

PlayStation 4 :

  • Go to Settings on the console menu
  • Then select Storage and look for Saved data
  • Now select Far Cry 6. Press option on the controller and select all the save files. Then hit Delete

Xbox :

  • On your Xbox console go to My Games & Apps
  • Select Far Cry 6 and press the menu button
  • Click on Manage games & add ons and then select Saved Data
  • Now select all the save files individually and hit Delete From Everywhere. If you select all then they will only be deleted locally.

Step 2 :

Cached data and Database errors are pretty common in consoles. The PlayStation 5 was plagued with database problems when it first came out and even now the database on the console has to be rebuilt now and then. For Xbox you would have to clear Persistent Storage which is equivalent to Cached data for the console to perform better.

PS4 & PS5 :

  • Unplug the power plug and leave it unplugged for 5 minutes. This clears out the cached data from the PS4.
  • Plug it back after 5 minutes and press and hold the power button for 10 secs. basically you would have to wait for 2 beeps and let go on the second one.
  • The console will now boot up in Safe Mode. Connect the controller to the USB and press the PS button
  • For PS4 just select Rebuild Database. For PS5 you would have Clear Cached Data and Rebuild Database. Click on that and you would get the same two prions. Select both one after the other. Clear the cached data first and then rebuild the database.

Xbox :

  • Go to Settings
  • Now click on Devices and Streaming
  • Then select Blu Ray
  • And lastly click on Clear Persistent Storage

Many users do not have the Blu ray option. You just need to turn off the console. Unplug everything from the console. Leave if off for 4-5 minutes. Then when you turn it back on you will see a green screen with the Xbox logo. This would mean the Persistent Storage is now cleared.

The Xbox Insider Hub ( Crash Fix for Xbox Series S and X only) :

The Xbox Insider Hub is a program which allows you to experience feature and updates which are not yet released. You need to enroll yourself with the program. After that you will receive various frequent updates for testing out new features and stuff like that. This App has helped a lot of users for whom games kept crashing randomly on their Xbox.

Xbox Inside Hub>>Xbox Update Preview>Manage>>Select Xbox Update Preview Alpha Skip-Ahead

This one gets the most updates. All you need to do is enroll yourself in and ignore when it says that you might encounter bugs. Even if you do it would eventually be fixed with frequent updates.

I hope this article was helpful. Follow these easy steps and you will be able to fix any crash related problems with Far Cry 6. Also lets us know in the comments section below,

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