FIFA 21 – 3-5-2 Best & Most Meta Attacking Custom Tactics

3-5-2 this year is one of the most meta formations you can play provided you know what instruction to put on your players. If you are looking for the ultimate attacking strategy with this formation then you, my friend have come to the right place.

FIFA 21 – 3-5-2 Best & Most Meta Attacking Custom Tactics

You can obviously make the game more offensive with a particular set of custom tactics. Surprisingly this formation is also good defensively. But we are here to put pressure on the defense and make sure we dominate our opponent throughout the game.

Offensive Strategy :

  • Balanced is the best offensive style of play for this formation.
  • The formation tends to get narrow at times. The only width you get in the formation is when your Right and Left Mids make runs. The wider your left and right mids are, the better it is for the team as the entire defense of your opponent will be caught in the middle while your left and right mids make free runs. Therefore we need a higher Width of 9 bars.
  • Players in Box should be at 7 bars, just to crowd the box and have a lot of options to pass to.
  • Corners and Free Kicks at 2 bars each

Defensive Strategy :

  • The defensive style on this formation is obviously going to be Balanced
  • The width at 5 bars is just fine
  • Depth is okay with 6 bars. We need to keep the pressure on.

Player Instructions :

Player instructions are key to formations like this. Since we are more focused on attacking this time, try using this set of player instructions :

  • Back 3 should be on Stay Back While Attacking
  • Both CDMs only Get Forward instructions.
  • Left and Right Mids Come Back on Defense and Stay Wide. They work as your Full Backs too.
  • CAM on Stay Forward and Get Into The Box for Cross
  • Both Strikers are on Stay Forward only.

Try to use this formation if you need an early lead or if you want to come back in the game when you are down by a goal or two. If you use this formation throughout the game then you would probably end up conceding as your Left and Right Mids will get too tired from running up and down the pitch all the time. Make sure you have good subs to replace them if they are tired. The left and right mids are the main focus of this formation. Enjoy the game.

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