FIFA 21 – 4312 Best and Meta Custom Tactics

The 4312 is a variant of the 41212 diamond formation. This formation is a more offensive variant of the 4312 you can say. playing this formation could be a bit tricky. You need to be good at defending because you will be open to a lot of counterattacks. Here is the best formation you can use for the 4312.

FIFA 21 – 4312 Best and Meta Custom Tactics

Offensive Style :

  • 4312 is not a formation where you will be able to hold the ball. The formation is narrow and does not have the width to ball work the ball around. Hence Fast Build Up works pretty well with this formation
  • The width is 7 bars since the formation is very narrow.
  • Players in the Box is 7 bars too since we want the CMs to run into the box as well
  • Corners and Free kicks are okay with 2 bars each

Defensive Style :

  • Since this formation is about pressure and attack, using Pressure On Heavy Touch works really well
  • The width is 4 bars because we it is easier to play pressure football with a low defensive width.
  • Depth is okay with 5. We do not want to over commit

Player Instructions :

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking
  • Middle CM on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center
  • Left and Right CM on Balanced and Cover Center
  • CAM on Stay Forward and Get Into the Box for Cross
  • Strikers on Stay Central 

There you go. This formation really helped me win a lot of matches. Players will make runs forward and you just need to spot them. You can also play 1-2 passes between your strikers. The key to this formation is to have players with decent shooting on the left and right CMs. They will make those run into the box and you need them to score. If played properly this formation could get you to the elite in WL. Enjoy the game.

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