FIFA 21 – 433 (1) Liverpool Custom Tactics | FUT Formation Guide

The 4-3-3 Flat or the 4-3-3(1) as we call it in FIFA 21 is a very nice formation for attacking and fast gameplay. Liverpool uses this formation to dominate whoever they face. Now we all know how fast Liverpool plays. They believe in putting pressure and super fast build-up.

It’s more like they do not like beating around the bush and would rather have a much more direct approach to scoring, unlike some teams who tend to build slowly like Barcelona.  If you want to replicate the real-life Liverpool style football in FIFA 21 then just follow the custom tactics I am about to show.

FIFA 21 – 433 (1) Liverpool Custom Tactics | FUT Formation Guide

In order to play as Liverpool we need to keep in mind that we need to think fast and play through the wings as much as possible. Wingers like Salah love to cut inside every now and then so it is always nice if you have him on your team.

Offensive Style :

  • We need the players to move into position quickly and make as many runs as possible. Hence Fast Build Up is what we need here. The reason why I am not using Long Ball is that the wingers normally take runs while the ball is with the Center Backs. It is good in a way but not exactly like Liverpool. I want the team to move fast as a unit.
  • The width is okay with 5 bars. Making it wider would just make the wings go too far away from the Striker.
  • 7 bars for players in the box seems nice because that would create more pressure and goal-scoring chances with more options in the final 3rd.
  • Free Kicks and Corners are okay with 2 each. You can use whatever value u like.

Defensive Style :

  • For pressure gameplay, I feel the best option is Pressure on Heavy Touch. Pressure on Possession Loss drains out too much stamina and leaves out huge gaps. But Pressure on Heavy touch is amazing actually. Does not drain too much stamina and applies pressure the moment the player controlling the ball makes a bad touch or a loose pass. It’s good for getting back possession in 50-50 situations.
  • Width look okay with 4 bars.  The formation is already wide let’s not make it wider
  • Depth is 7 bars. Just to apply pressure I would go 7 depth but if it is too much for you you can go to 6 or 5. 7 will be most effective though

Player Instructions :

The key to Liverpool Tactics is to know what instructions to use on your players. It’s like if you put 7 bars for players in the box and then you put everyone on stay back while attacking then it would not be useful. Here is what you need :

  • Back 4 should be on Stay Back While Attacking
  • We have 3 CMs. The most Defensive guy should be in the center. Put him on Drop In Between Defenders and Cover Center. Now put the more offensive guy on the Get Forward and Get Into the Box for Cross. The other one should be on the Balanced and Cover Center only.
  • Left and Right Wings should be on Stay Forward, Get in Behind, and Cut Inside
  • The Striker should be on Stay Center. If he is like Bobby Firmino or Harry Kane (basically someone with a little physical presence and less pace) set him up as a Target Man. If he is like Rashford or anyone who has great pace then just leave him on Balanced.

There you go, the Liverpool Formation and Custom Tactics. I am currently using this formation and it sure is a lot of fun. My players are moving so smoothly and in the right way. The pressure I can put on these custom tactics is really amazing. There were games I had 65+ possession and my opponent could not even breathe. Enjoy the game.

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