FIFA 21 – 433(5) Pep Guardiola Barca Custom Tactics | False 9 Best and Meta FUT Formation Guide

When we talk about a formation with a False 9 we think about Barcelona under Pep Guardiola . Yes the unstoppable Tiki Taka style gameplay. The 433(5) is a formation which could actually be used to replicate the 433 tiki taka style gameplay of Barcelona. Now for this to happen we need the right custom tactics. We need our players to come short and give the ball handler plenty of options.

FIFA 21 – 433(5) Pep Guardiola Barca Custom Tactics | False 9 Best and Meta FUT Formation Guide

FIFA 21 is currently all about sitting at the back and launching through balls to the wings or to your strikers. Long ball is perfect for this type of gameplay. But what is the harm of shifting from the meta for just once and try out something new. If it doesn’t work , you can go back to your previous setup but if works out , you can have so much fun. The custom tactics which I am about to give you will work definitely even if you are not very good at the game.

Defensive Style :

  • I would not try to sit back with this formation. Applying pressure when necessary is what we need with a formation like this . Hence Pressure on Heavy Touch is the best suited for this formation.
  • Width is good with 3 bars since the formation is wide and to apply pressure we need a narrower defense.
  • Depth is okay with 5 bars .  I would not go too far back with this formation nor would I commit too much. 5 is just the right number for depth.

Offensive Style :

  • Since we are trying to replicate Pep Guardiola’s tiki taka play style. we need to have the Offensive style as Possession
  • Width is okay with 5 bars. You can also try 4 bars if you want. We need the wings to close closer and the formation to narrow down a bit offensively
  • Players is the Box should be 7 bars. The more options you have near the box or in the box the more likely you will score. And tou get more support for players we need our CMs to move up the pitch as well.
  • Corners and Free Kicks are fine with 2 bars each

Player Instructions :

The main aspect of this formation is the instructions that you put on all the players. This will decide the movement and the playing style of each player .

  • Center Backs on Stay Back While Attacking 
  • Left and Right Backs on Stay Back While Attacking and Inverted . Inverted is when they move towards the center of the pitch. the reason why we do this is to create a trinagle wih the wingers and the CM or CF just like Pep Guardiola did .
  • CDM should be on Drop Between Defenders and Cover Center. This guy will be the one to hold off those counters if  you lose the ball since you CMs will be moving up.
  • More defensive CM should be on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center while more offensive CM should be on Get ForwardCover Center and Get Into the Box For Cross
  • CF will be on Balanced Instructions. Do not change anything
  • Both LW and RW should be on Cut Inside and Come Short . The reason why we have Cut Inside is that we want our wingers to run diagonally towards the box to occupy the strikers zone. It will also cancel out the inverted movement of your fullbacks. So you will have atleast one of them , either your Wingers or your Fullbacks cutting inside .

There you go, the best custom tactics that can replicate the tiki taka playstyle of Pep Guardiola. Try this out, I am currently using this in game and I am having a lot of fun. I am sure it will work well for you too. Enjoy the game.




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