FIFA 21 – 5-3-2 Most Meta and Best Custom Tactics | FUT Formation Guide

The latest patch has changed things a lot. Pressure gameplay is literally non-existent and you will find people spamming fewer skill moves. With the latest patch, the 5-3-2 formation has become perhaps the most dominant form in the game. With the right set of tactics, you can win most of your games with this formation.

FIFA 21 – 5-3-2 Most Meta and Best Custom Tactics | FUT Formation Guide

We are here to understand how this formation works and how we can use it offensively because it looks like a defensive formation with 5 at the back. The first thing is you need to do is to get rid of your pride because it is okay to play 5 at the back now.

Even pro players do it. As long as we are not parking the bus everything is cool. So we are not going to sit back and defend and beat the opponent on the counterattack. We are going to play regular football and attack like you would.

Defensive Style :

  • Balanced is the best defensive style as of now. So we are going to use that
  • 5 bars for Width is what I always prefer for any formation.
  • 4 bars for Depth look fine for this formation

Offensive Style :

  • Balanced gives you a good variation of fast movement and slow and steady buildup.
  • Width 6 bars look fine because the formation would get very narrow in-game.
  • Players in Box is fine at 6 bars since we do not want all the CMs to rush in and get us exposed to a counterattack.
  • Free Kicks and Corners are good with 2 bars.

Player Instructions :

The player instructions are the main focus for formations like this.

  • All the 3 CBs should be at Stay Back While Attacking
  • Both the Full Backs should be on Join Attack and Overlap. This is what will make the difference in the game. Your left and right backs will most of the time make absolutely perfect unmarked overlapping runs which results in a goal when executed properly.
  • Center CM should be at Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center
  • Left and Right CMs should be on Balanced instructions. You can keep the most offensive CM on Get Forward as well depending on your team. We do not need Cover Center for them since they will try and defend the wings once your fullbacks move forward.
  • Left and Right Striker on Get in Behind only

Always remember that you need to have players with high stamina as your fullback. They will be running out of gas and you need to sub them by the 65th minute. anyone with lower stamina will not be able to make it past the 50th minute. It is recommended that you make the change since these fullbacks will be the ones giving you good offensive chances. I hope this guide had been helpful, now you know exactly how to play a 5-man defense formation in a more offensive way than ever. Enjoy the game.

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