FIFA 21 – 85+ x5 Upgrade SBC | Is it worth it?

The 85+ x5 Upgrade pack is here. The SBC requires an 85-rated squad with an informed player and also a team chemistry of 75. If you are wondering if this SBC is worth it or not, then you have come to the right place.

FIFA 21 – 85+ x5 Upgrade SBC | Is it worth it?

Considering the requirements of this SBC pack, I would say this isn’t a cheap one. In fact, you would require at least 185k coins for this SBC. It might be lesser if you have good enough fodder but still, I would say it is a bit expensive.

Is it Worth it?

Personally, I would say no it is not. I have tried this SBC on three accounts and I have pulled only 85 rated players every time. Not a single 86-rated player. Yes, this could easily be one of the biggest in-game scams. It just makes you think you would get a decent pull but honestly, the drop rate is so poor that I would rather not touch this SBC. I tried to check on other users who had done this SBC and the best pull they had got was an 89-rated rare gold card. Sure 89 rated sounds good but it is only a rare gold that you can easily get in the market.

The point is, 85-rated cards normally go for like 20k or even less (except for the Rashford course). Maybe if you have a lot of fodder you can go for it but the end result is absolutely not satisfying, to be honest. I would rather save my fodder for better SBCs. On top of that what if the players you get do not fit your team? All I am saying is that it is kind of a risk not worth taking. With better promos on the way, I would rather save my fodder for better cards whom I can actually fit in my team. I hope this guide has been helpful. Enjoy the game.

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