FIFA 21 – 86+ Double Upgrade SBC | Should you do it?

TOTS is finally here and boy we have some amazing community TOTS cards. We have some pretty decent SBCs as well. The one which interested me the most was the 86+ double upgrade. Wondering if it is worth it or not? We have the right solution for you.

FIFA 21 – 86+ Double Upgrade SBC | Should you do it?

Let me tell you this first. The SBC requires an 86-rated squad with 45 Team Chemistry. An 86-rated squad will cost you around 160k. By no means this SBC is cheap. In other words, it does look a bit weird because of the number of 86+ rated players you would have to submit along with the SBC.  Judging from the requirement perspective this SBC is not worth it. It is so expensive considering the drop rate for a 90 or above-rated player.

Fortunately for us, there is a bit of a twist. I admit submitting an 86-rated squad for two 86+ players sounds a bit like a scam but this time EA had been rather generous. The drop rates for TOTS cards in this pack are pretty high. We completed 10 of these and we got TOTS in 8 of those packs. There is a reason why this pack is expensive. You would have to be pretty unlucky to not get a TOTS card out of this pack.

Is it Worth it?

Of course, it is, we are talking about TOTS here guys. An 87-rated TOTS card will have ridiculous stats compared to any 87-rated special card. You can be lucky enough to pull one of those 99-pace dudes and easily dominate the game by throwing him in as a super sub.

We know that later on, we will get several SBCs which will require TOTS cards. It might benefit us from that perspective as well. I say we should all take a chance and do this SBC. After all its not every day that we get to see EA be so generous.

I hope this guide has been helpful. Do let us know. Enjoy the game.

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