FIFA 21 – 86 Kehrer SBC Showdown Review FUT | Is he Worth it ?

The overall for this card is low but boy does he have some amazing stats on him. If you are wondering whether to invest your fodder and coins in this SBC, then you have come to the site place. Let us find out if this guy is worth it or not.

FIFA 21 – 86 Kehrer SBC Showdown Review FUT | Is he Worth it ?

So are looking at a card here that is 6’1′ tall with a Medium / High work rate. He has a 3-star for skill moves and a 5-star weak foot. Let’s check out the pros and cons of this card.

SBC Price :

  • PS-196,500
  • Xbox-182,500
  • PC- 230,000

The SBC Price would include the Fodder price plus any card you buy particularly for this SBC  from the market. Therefore if you use your squad fodder then you can very well reduce the actual coins you spend on the SBC.

Pros :

  • The guy has amazing speed for a CB. He can say no to pace abusers all day.
  • His 81 agility works so well when you try to turn and tackle.
  • A 5-star weak foot is rare for a CB but it’s really for making passes. Remember if you play a wrong pass you are in trouble. Defenders with 2-star weak feet often play wrong passes when they try to pass it with their weaker feet.
  • His height and body type makes him very strong and he can bully the forwards
  • Jumping is great and can win corners for you.
  • Dives into Tackles trait helps you make some incredible aggressive tackles

Cons :

  • His defensive awareness had been off on very few occasions. He would not be in the right position at times. This is very rare though but definitely a thing.

Chem Style :

  • Shadow is the best chem style for this guy. Boosts his speed by 10 making him even faster.
  • Anchor is also a good choice.

Final Verdict | Should you do this SBC?

He is from PSG and he is German. That says a lot. He can link with French League players as well as German players. He could be your link to Ozil (since Ozil is hard to link). The next is that the price of the SBC is very cheap compared to the stats on this card and the way he performs in-game. I would say do the SBC.

You need to do it. He is very good in-game and he can give you some crazy links. He can have a green link with Kurzawa as well (if you had done that SBC). I would say one of the best-value SBCs this year. You can easily do this SBC with just your squad fodder or maybe 100k or less. He will also get upgraded if PSG wins.

Hope this guide had been useful. Enjoy the game.

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