FIFA 21 – 88+ TOTS Upgrade | Should you do this SBC ?

Confused whether to use up your fodder for an 88+ TOTS Upgrade SBC ? Let me help you out with it .

FIFA 21 – 88+ TOTS Upgrade | Should you do this SBC ?

It is finally the time when EA keeps releasing back to back SBCs for guaranteed TOTS. This one looks pretty nice as it is an 88+ TOTS card that we are looking at. Which means you can still pull an 88 rated TOTS card as well. Its time we try our luck and see if we can pull out something worth it. But what about the pack weight? What are people getting the most from this pack? Lets find out.

So is this SBC worth it ?

Firstly , let me tell you this. The game is almost at an end. There is no point saving your fodder. If you have enough of it just go for this SBC. The requirements are pretty simple.

  • You need an 85 or more overall squad
  • You need to have atleast 35 team chemistry

This SBC should not cost you a lot actually, considering the fact that we can get 91+ or 92+ TOTS players. When we talk about the pack weight , it is not that bad. I opened this pack in 4 separate accounts. I got a Gerard Moreno , Andre, Nkunku and a Bamba. Now let me tell you this that Bamba is a huge win. I did a little research on the pack weight and found out that players like Muriel , Nkunku, Andre have pretty high drop rates. Now trust me when I say this that these cards are actually a win for you.

I guess it is worth a shot. We just have like two or three months left before the next title comes out. Having an 88+ TOTS player in your squad could actually work well for the other SBCs. Most of the player SBC would require you to submit a Team of the Week or a Team of the Season card . You can use the card you get from here into those SBC which you really want to use. And like I said before, the drop rates are not that bad even. I had completed the SBC and I would suggest that you should do it too.

I hope this guide has been helpful. Do let us know and also share your thoughts about this SBC . Enjoy the game .


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