FIFA 21 – 90+ TOTS Deluxe Upgrade | Is the SBC Worth it ?

We just got the 88+ TOTS Upgrade and now we have the 90+ TOTS Deluxe Upgrade. Should you go for this SBC too? Let’s check it out.

FIFA 21 – 90+ TOTS Deluxe Upgrade | Is the SBC Worth it?

Let me explain what this SBC actually means. The Deluxe upgrade refers to players from all the major leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and League One (French).  If you do this SBC you get to pack a player from one of these major leagues and the rating could be 90 or above. However, the SBC is not that cheap, to be honest. Let’s check out the requirements first :

  • 87 or above-rated squad
  • 1 team of the season card
  • At least 30 team chemistry

The price for this SBC would roughly be around 205-245k coins depending on the platform you are in. The requirements do not seem too bad either. Considering the fact that we are likely to get a player from one of the top leagues. Most of the TOTS players above 90 overall will be around 140-220 k coins.

A few are even less than that. But if you have a good amount of fodder in your club you could easily complete this SBC for free or maybe less than 100k. If that is the case then obviously this SBC is a win for you.

Hence I would say, that this SBC is actually worth the risk. If you have already done the other SBC which gave you an 88+ player you can use that card in this SBC to reduce the overall cost for the SBC. That will just be easy fodder for you.

The Drop Rate for this SBC is that bad. A lot of 92 and 93-rated players though. I completed this SBC in two accounts and I got Muriel and Quadrado. Now If you have a Serie A team these two fit right in. This is the best thing about the SBC.

We do not have to deal with a Rest of the World player whom we cannot fit in our squad anyhow. After doing a bit of research I found out that getting a 90-rated card is very rare. So that is good for us. the drop rates are adjusted more towards 91-93 rated. And there are really good players in that range. So yes, I would say just go for this SBC.

I hope this article was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section and also share your thoughts regarding this SBC.

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