FIFA 21 – Aguero End Of An Era SBC | Should you do it?

Aguero just got his End Of An Era SBC card. The card looks super good on paper. Considering the fact that the SBC is quite expensive you might be wondering if you should do this SBC or not. Let’s find out.

FIFA 21 – Aguero End Of An Era SBC | Should you do it?

We are looking at a card that is 5’8″ tall with a High/Medium work rate. He has 4 stars for skill moves and 4 stars for the weak foot. Let’s check out the pros and cons of this card.

SBC Price :

  • PS – 993k
  • XBOX – 923k
  • PC – 1.15k

Pros :

  • Almost perfect at finishing.
  • Always at the right place at the right time.
  • Very good at dribbling due to his height being meta.
  • Pretty good short passing for a striker
  • Pretty good stamina

Cons :

  • Long shots felt off
  • Does not make too many runs.

Chem Style :

  • The Engine looks good on him. Gets a pace and agility boost which is required. His shooting is already too good.
  • The catalyst looks nice on the card too.

Should you do this SBC?

Well, as I said before the SBC by no means is cheap. It is almost worth a million coins. But the guy feels so good on the ball and his finishing is outstanding. If you already have the POTM< Messi in your squad he might be easier to link. You can get Palacio to link with him as well. If you can manage to fit him into your squad then go for it.

He is probably the end game. But also remember that TOTS is around the corner. You would probably want to save your coins and fodder for TOTS. I know I would be doing that. I will not do any SBC or buy any expensive player before TOTS because the market could crash and I might get a better card with the same coins. I had to do the SBC just for the sake of the review. Anyways no doubt he is a beast in-game. If you can fit him with 10 chem then go for it. Enjoy the game.

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