FIFA 21 – ANDERS VEJRGANG Custom Tactics 442 (Best tactics)

By now we know how this 14-year-old is dominating FIFA 21. It appears as if he cannot lose in the weekend league at the moment. His current record is 240-0 in the weekend league .

I have watched a lot of his videos trying to analyze what could be the tactics this guy is using as it seems like his players are always in the right place at the right time. And fortunately, I could actually figure out what custom tactics he might be using.

FIFA 21 – ANDERS VEJRGANG Custom Tactics 442 (Best tactics)

So, the formation that Anders uses in-game is normally 442. This formation is pure meta this year especially because it has two strikers. Make sure you have strikers with a decent pace to get the most out of this formation. The main thing about his gameplay is not about skill moves or flashy stuff.

It’s how simple you can be. Fake shots and stepovers are basically what he uses. Now stepovers and fake shots are nerfed but we can still manage to do good if not get a 240-run like this guy. He has very good sense of passing which is because he is focused less on the player controlling the ball and more on the players around him.

His defense is solid too. He would manually control his back 4 only when needed and he never brings out any of his back 4 because at times committing too much with one of your back 4 especially your CBs could be very risky. Here is what I feel he could be using in-game most of the time.

Defensive Tactics :

  • From what I have noticed, Anders plays a very narrow defense. Not so much that it becomes impossible to defend wings but to an amount that gives a very nice and compact shape to the defense. 4 bars is what I feel he uses for width.
  • Never saw him parking the bus. Always pressuring the opponent so I believe 6 bars on depth should be fine.
  • Since the other defense styles take a toll on the stamina and dropback is certainly not an option here we go for Balanced as the defensive style

Offensive Tactics :

  • Offensive style should be Balanced as we do see his players make good runs and also come short at times. He could be using Possession and triggering runs manually but Balanced seems to be more believable.
  • 442 is very wide by default. I would keep 5 bars for Width just to give things easy
  • As for Players in the box, we do find his CMs running into the box quite often. Hence 6 bars seems fine.

Player Instructions :

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • More defensive CM should be on Stay Back While Attacking and more offensive CM should be on Balanced. Cover Center for both.
  • Left and Right Midfielders should be on Get In Behind, Cut Inside, and Get into the Box for Crosses
  • Both Strikers should be on Balanced instructions.

Well, so this is what I feel he starts the game with. Now you can definitely go more defensive and offensive by adjusting the tactics depending on the situation. But for the majority of the game I feel he uses this tactic. Enjoy the game

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