FIFA 21 – ANDERS VEJRGANG Updated 360-0 Custom Tactics

This kid seems unstoppable. 360 wins 0 losses and preparing for yet another 30-0 in the Weekend League. It seems like his game style this last week was really fast which makes me think that he might have changed the custom tactics. Here is what I feel he could be using last week.

FIFA 21 – ANDERS VEJRGANG Updated 360-0 Custom Tactics

Like always, he uses the classic 4-4-2 in-game. Check out what I feel he might have been using last week :

Offensive Style :

  • Last week it seemed like his players made way too many runs. The runs were not like “long ball runs”, but they seemed faster than before. Hence I feel Fast Build Up is what he might be using.
  • The width seemed like 6 bars. The players were wide but too wide. Hence I would go for 6.
  • Players in Box also at 6 bars. He did have options inside the box. His center mids were also running into the box and hence I feel 6 is fine.
  • Corners and Free Kicks at 2 bars

Defensive Style :

  • Defense Style would obviously be Balanced 
  • Like every week his defense seems a little narrow. However, he manually controls his back 4 to adjust the width and stop the wingers. Their width at 4 bars
  • He puts a lot of pressure on the opponent but not too much to be caught on the counter easily. Hence I am guessing 6 bars for depth seems fine.

The most important aspect of his gameplay is that he does a lot of 1 – 2 passes in between the strikers. Steps overs and ball rolls are also used a lot. What I have noticed is that he normally shoots after a dribble move or a fake shot or a ball roll.

I guess he does this so that the players do not go off balance and he can also easily create a nice angle to shoot. His center mid (Gullit) often runs into the box as the 3rd striker which is mainly one of the reasons why he is so good offensively.

He does take a lot of risk by manually controlling his back 4 to intercept passes and cover certain danger zones, but somehow it pays off for him. I know I would be punished for bringing out my CB to intercept a ball outside the box but for him, it seems like whatever he does just seems to work. Let’s see what could be the player instructions he might be using :

Player Instructions :

  • Back 4 should be on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • Offensive Center Mid should be on Get Forward (like his Gullit) and Get Into the Box for Crosses with Cover Center. 
  • The defensive Center Mid should be on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center and Stay on the Edge of the Box for Crosses
  • Left and Right Mids should be on Balance instructions with only Get into the box for Cross
  • Both Strikers should be on Stay Center only. Just for the 1-2 passes.
  • Now for a more defensive variant of this formation, he could use Come back on Defense on everyone except for the two strikers. 

There you go, Custom Tactics which I feel Anders Vejrgang used last week to go 360-0 up Weekend Leagues. Enjoy the game.

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