FIFA 21 – Best and Meta Custom Tactics 4-2-2-2 / FUT

A good Custom Tactic takes you a long way in FIFA. And this year it seems to be more effective than ever. A good well rounded balanced custom tactic is what we all want. Too offensive could leave us open for counters and too defensive would eventually end up being boring which could lead to one mistake and we are done for the game.

FIFA 21 -Best and Meta Custom Tactics 4-2-2-2 / FUT

When we talk of a balanced tactic we think of a formation that would be good defensively and also allow us to easily create chances in the offense.

Formation :

The formation we chose for balanced gameplay is 4-2-2-2. Clearly one of the best defensive formations which also gives us a lot of chances in attack with the 2 strikers and 2 Attacking Mids.We get the width for running down wings. We get support in the center and we get defensive stability with this formation.

Custom Tactics :

The Custom Tactics for this formation would be a very balanced one. We would rather stick to the grey side.

Offensive Strategy :

  • The offensive Style should be Balanced. We need the players to come short and make runs according to the situation. Balanced is perfect for this formation.
  • Width and Players In Box should be 5 and 4 bars respectively. Putting players in the box above 4 would make no sense since we do not want our CDMs to get into the box. It would leave a lot of space for a counterattack.
  • Corners and Free Kicks are good with 2 bars each

Defensive Strategy :

  • We need the formation to retain its shape while defending. Pressure on Heavy Touch or Press After Possession Loss will only make our CDMs rush for a tackle or leave their positions when not required. So Balanced would be the best.
  • Width 5 bars look fine since we do not want to get caught on the wings with a lower width or leave space in the middle with a higher width.
  • Depth should be 4 bars since we do not want to press the opponent with this formation. The lower the depth, the nearer the defense line would be to your Goalie.

Player Instructions :

Like every other formation the player instructions are really important :

  • Back 4 should be at Stay Back While Attacking
  • Both CDMs at Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center
  • Both  RAM and LAM at Get Into The Box For Cross only
  • Both Strikers should be at Get In Behind only

Hopefully, you can start off with this formation since it is a little defensive. You would not want to concede so early in a game by jumping into an attacking tactic. Enjoy the game

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