FIFA 21 – Best and Meta Custom Tactics 4-3-3(4) | FUT Formation Guide

433 is a formation that many of us love. This formation gives you the width and a lot of options to work the ball around. I would not say this variation is the best form of 433 but with the right tactics, it definitely can be deadly.

FIFA 21 – Best and Meta Custom Tactics 4-3-3(4) | FUT Formation Guide

This variation of 433 is a very attacking one. You can put pressure on the opponent and score some easy goals with great buildup. However with Pressure on Heavy Touch, Pressure After Possession Loss, and other pressure-related in-game tactics getting nerfed it is a bit difficult to get this formation to its full potential. Therefore the best custom tactic we can now use for this formation is :

Offensive Strategy :

  • A balanced offensive style works best for this formation. Fast Build will make your player run too quickly which is not good if you are using a wide formation.
  • The width is best at 7.  The purpose of this formation is to create gaps in the defense and to split the defense line. Therefore 7 widths will keep your formation wide making the left and the right back split wider to mark your wingers.
  • Players in the Box should be at  5 bars.  We do not want our CMs to rush into the box all the time. 5 is pretty balanced.
  • Corners and Free kicks are okay with 2 each

Defensive Strategy :

  • As I said, Pressure on Heavy Touch, Pressure After Possession Loss, and Constant Pressure are nerfed. They consume a lot of Stamina and hence Balanced is ideal at this point.
  • The width is at 5 bars. Like every Formation defensive width works best at 5, especially with a Balanced Defensive Style.
  • Depth is at 5 bars. We do not want our Defense Line to sit too deep. We do not have CDMs for backups so we have to be very careful.

Player Instructions :

  • The back 4 as usual should be on Stay Back While Attacking
  • Both CMs should be on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center.
  • Wing play is very important in this formation. Hence Wingers should be on Cut Inside and Get Into The Box for Crosses. The formation is very wide. if we have our wingers trying to cut in at times, there is a possibility that the fullbacks won’t be able to track an inward run. Salah is great for a cut-inside run.
  • CAM should be on Stay Forward only
  • ST should be on Get in Behind and Stay Forward

Hopefully, this custom tactic will help you enjoy this formation a lot more. If in case you go a goal down, changed the defensive style from Balanced to Pressure After a Possession Loss. But do it only for a little while as it drains a lot of stamina. The same goes for Team Press. Enjoy the game

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