FIFA 21- Best Custom Tactics for 2 v 2 Co-op | FUT Formation Guide

2 v 2 gameplay is a new addition to FIFA 21. Let’s be honest, not many of us play 2 v 2 because we are simply scared of losing Rival points because of our partners. A different 2 v 2 mode could prove to be a lot better.

Anyways for people like us who love the 2 v 2 co-op format and don’t mind losing as long as we are having fun this article is for you. We are here to discuss what could possibly be the best custom tactics and formation for 2 v 2 gameplay.

FIFA 21- Best Custom Tactics for 2 v 2 Co-op | FUT Formation Guide

The formation I think that could be the best for 2 v 2 gameplay is the 4-5-1.

Yes, after trying out all the other meta formations this one worked the best. The reason is that this formation will always have players supporting each other. the more support you have the better you can play 2 v 2 co-ops.

Let’s discuss the tactics :

Defensive Strategy :

  • Balanced is the best defensive style for 2v2. Pressure tactics will only create confusion resulting in easy counters for the opponent.
  • Width 4 bars seems about right.
  • We are neither going to sit back in the box nor are we going to pressure the opponent too much. Keeping depth on 5 bars.

Offensive Strategy :

  • Balanced is the best offensive style for this formation
  • Just to keep things simple we will have 5 width. This formation is normally wide. Having 5 width just keeps things balanced.
  • Players in the box should be 6. We do not want to overcrowd the box as it will only lead to confusion. 6 looks fine.
  • Free kicks and corners look fine with 2 each.

Player Instructions :

Players’ instructions are always key to any formation. Even though most of the time you will manually make runs but still you can have them set up in a proper way so that it is easier to pick out options in offense and have a steady defense.

  • Back 4 should be on Stay Back While Attacking
  • CM should be on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center
  • LM and RM should be on Cut Inside and Get Into the Box for Crosses only
  • RAM and LAM should be on Balanced Instructions
  • ST should be on Stay Center only.

There you go, the best custom tactics for 2 v 2 gameplay. The fact is that if you try to put too many instructions on players it does not work in a 2v 2 gameplay. Because you would be manually controlling the players. Always remember that only one of you should defend to avoid any confusion. Enjoy the game.

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