FIFA 21 -Best / Meta Custom Tactics 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow) FUT

Winning in FIFA Ultimate Team this year is not just about having the most overpriced meta players. Your team needs to work as a unit and play in a systematic way. Shooting is overpowered in this game. So remember, you just always have to rely on your best players for a win. A good Team Strategy could take you a long way.

FIFA 21 -Best / Meta Custom Tactics 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow) FUT

Let’s be honest, the 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow) is perhaps our favorite formation. This formation allows you to make crazy build-up plays in offense. Even though the formation lacks a bit of defense but it makes up for its offensive strength.

Custom Tactics :

The 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow) is difficult to contain if you can play it the right way. This is not a formation where you can keep holding the ball and end up with 60% possession rather it’s a straightforward attack through the center kind of thing.

Offensive Strategy :

  • Since this formation has a direct linear attacking approach with no wings, its best to have the offensive style as Fast Build Up. We cannot really play slow with this formation. Spending too much time in the middle would only make it easier for your opponent to cover you. So we have to out-pace him with a quick build-up play.
  • The width is set to 5 bars which are pretty balanced. Putting it higher would actually take away the effectiveness of its narrow nature.
  • Players In Box is best at 7 bars. We are looking to attack down the middle. We want our CMs to also join the attack and help us score.
  • Corners and Free Kicks are best at 2 bars each.

Defensive Strategy :

  • Since the formation is bad defensively, we cannot afford to go out on a high line. We will be caught on the wings and we all know what happens next. To make the formation a little stronger defensively we can set the defensive style as Balanced.
  • The width at 5 bars is good enough for any formation.
  • As I said, we cannot afford to play a high line. The formation is narrow and we can get caught on the wings. 3 Depth is fine for this formation.

Player Instructions :

A good set of player instructions is very important for the 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow).

  • If you are not that good at defending you can have the Back 4 set to Stay Back While Attacking. If you are very good at defending and player switching you can try keeping your Left and Right Backs on Balanced Instructions or Overlap.
  • Your CDM should be at Drop Between Defenders and Cover Center. Since we need to have more defensive strength.
  • Your Left and Right CMs should be on Balanced instructions with Cover Center if your Full Backs are on Stay Back While Attacking. If your Full Backs are on Balanced or Overlap then your Left and Right CMs need to be at Stay Back While Attacking with Cover Wing. They will eventually cover the space left open by your full-backs when they overlap.
  • CAM needs to be on Stay Forward and Get Into the Box for Crosses.
  • Both Strikers should be on Stay Forward and Get In Behind. Or if you have a slow striker you can use him as Stay Central and Target Man instead while the other is on Get In Behind.

Hopefully, these Tactics will help you get a lot of goals and improve your attacking skills. Enjoy the game.

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