FIFA 21 – Best & Meta Custom Tactics 451 | FUT Formation Guide

451 is normally a formation we use to get better chemistry for our team. People generally do not play this formation because of the lack of defensive stability. But if the tactics are set correctly then this is one of the best-attacking formations in the game.

FIFA 21 – Best & Meta Custom Tactics 451 | FUT Formation Guide

This formation is best when you play tiki-taka. You will get a lot of support and on top of that, both the CAM and Side Mids at times push to the sides which leads to the opposition Center mids and fullbacks pushing to the side to mark the players. This leaves a lot of open space in the middle which you can work with.

It is a tricky situation for the opponent because if the center mid does mark the CAM moving to the sideline then you will have a free run on the wings because you already have your side midfielders to support your CAM. These side midfielders could eventually cut inside giving you scoring opportunities.

Defensive Strategy :

  • 5 bars for width is actually okay for any formation you use.
  • Since it is an attacking formation we will not try to make it extremely defensive. It just won’t work that way. Hence 7 bars for depth is fine because we need to keep the pressure on the opponent.
  • Of courseBalanced should be the defensive style since the other ones make your players tired and Drop Back is pointless with 7 depth.

Offensive Strategy :

  • 7 bars for width looks good. The reason is that this formation basically aims at opening up space in the middle. Keeping the width high will do the trick
  • Players in Box should be 3 bars. We do not want our players to just keep crowding the box. Remember we just have one CM. Opponents can counter easily.
  • Offensive Style should be Possession for tiki-taka style football.
  • Free Kicks and Corners at 2 bars each

Player Instructions :

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking 
  • CM should be on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center. Make sure you use someone with a High defensive work rate and a Medium or Low Offensive work rate.
  • Left and Right Mids should be on Get Into The Box for Cross and Cut Inside 
  • CAMs should be on Balanced instructions
  • The striker should be on Balanced Instructions.

There you go, the perfect custom tactics for this formation. I am currently using it and it is working wonders for me. Enjoy the game.

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