FIFA 21- Cannot List Players in FUT Market /Shows 0 coins

FIFA 21 this year comes with a lot of bugs. From gameplay bugs to the ones which show up in the menu , we have them all.  Normally EA would patch these errors but however it seems like there is a delay for some reason.

FIFA 21- Cannot List Players in FUT Market /Shows 0 coins

One of these bugs , which right now is very annoying is that we cannot list players in the FUT Transfer Market . The moment you enter your Buy Now price it would become 0 and then you will not be able to list any other players in the market as well.

Is There a Fix?

Apparently No, there is no fix for this bug right now. This is happening to a lot of users and we still do not have any official fix for it. We would probably have to wait for a patch release .

Alternate Solution

For the time being we can use the FUT 21 Companion App or the FUT 21 Web App to list players in the Transfer Market. They work just fine and you can carry on with your trading in this way for the moment until this bug is fixed. Hopefully a patch will be released soon and we will be able to list players in the market like we used to.

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