FIFA 21- Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback SBC Review | Is he Worth it ?

Oh yes, we finally got a Ronaldo SBC. It’s a flashback card and sadly the stats do not seem good enough. This SBC will cost you around 280k on the Playstation and the Xbox and around 305k on the PC. If you are wondering whether this card is good enough and worth the fodder, then you have come to the right place.

FIFA 21- Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback SBC Review | Is he Worth it?

To be honest, I expected the card to be much better stat-wise. He is 6’2″ with a High/Low work rate, perhaps the best work rate for a striker. He has 5 stars for skill moves and a 3-star weak foot. Yes, they actually downgraded the weak foot as well. Let’s check out the Pros and Cons of this card :

Pros :

  • Feels fast when he sprints.
  • Much more agile than his Rare Gold card
  • The outside foot shot trait works well in certain situations.

Cons :

  • Very poor finishing. He missed a lot of chances in front of the goal when I could assure you his rare gold card would have scored it in his sleep.
  • Attacking AI is not as good as his gold card. But still very average Attacking AI.
  • Dribbling is pretty average. Just that he is more agile with the turns
  • Very poor passing as well.

Chem Style :

  • The Chem Style I would use on this card would be the Finisher. He would get a dribbling boost and a +15 to his finishing which is very much required.
  • The second Chem style you can use on him is the Hunter. Since he has good agility you can actually try to get the pace boost on him to run past defenders.

Final Verdict :

Honestly, I am disappointed with this card. The Price of this SBC is a lot compared to what we get. Even gold Dembele feels better on the ball than him. He never performed well in the matches and would often miss easy chances. On top of that, he has a 3-star Weak Foot. Imagine a card with 78 base finishing and 3-star weak foot.  I would rather play Dembele on 7 chem than this Ronaldo card on 10. I would suggest you all save your coins and fodder. Do not waste it on this SBC. He is not worth it.

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