FIFA 21 – Error “DLC Assets Update 1 appears to be damaged ” | How to fix this

If you are getting this error message “DLC Assets Update 1 appears to be damaged and cannot be used” whenever you are trying to log in to your FIFA 21 account, then you are not the only one. Apparently, a lot of users are facing the same problem.

FIFA 21 – Error “DLC Assets Update 1 appears to be damaged ” | How to fix this

This is probably the error message that every other user on every platform is getting right after the recent Title update. If you basically click on cancel it allows you to enter the game. But the game freezes right when you hit “Advance” for a Rivals game, or rather any other game mode as well. It would also freeze before entering the co-op lobby as well.

I tried clicking on “Delete” to see what happened next. Do not be afraid as you would not lose any FUT/ Ultimate team content.

Once you select “Yes, Delete”, you would be able to log in like you do regularly but the problem will still be there. So I would suggest you press Cancel instead.

Is there a Fix?

For now, I would have to say no there is no official fix to this. Seems like the recent squad update actually corrupted a few files. Since the update is already done, the only way out seems to be a fresh installation. A few users tried this and it worked for them. It worked for me too. But, the game is pretty large.

It is not possible to download the entire game again for a lot of us. And this should not be the ideal way out. Probably EA would be coming out with a patch fix soon. You can try to be a little patient until then or if you have the time then go for a reinstallation of the game.

I hope this guide has been helpful. Please let us know in the comment section and also share your thoughts regarding this error.

28 thoughts on “FIFA 21 – Error “DLC Assets Update 1 appears to be damaged ” | How to fix this”

      1. So I can just click “Delete” and it’ll be just fine, and I can continue playing my Manager Career Mode just like before, without having to create a new one?

    1. I’ve had the same …I clicked cancel went into the game went to settings went to profile settings and then delete (I’m the profile settings) deleted squad update aswel as dlc 1 update and seems to be fine

  1. Joomratty Mohammad Sajjad

    Same problem but i dont have ‘delete’ . Instead i have ‘retry’ and ‘cancel’

    1. You should go to CUSTOMISE – PROFILE – DELETE then you will see DLC Assets update 1, click on it and delete

  2. Same issue here. Fifa keeps freezing in the middle of online games. Rivals, friendly evend division matches too.. Very frustrating
    Please let me know of any fix

    1. Easportsintothegamefkup

      Just go to cUSTomIze then PROFILe settings and then delete everything from last update and it works perfectly fine EA messed up on upgrade but. That’s quick fix

  3. I went into it pressed cancel on the message and everything been fine so far. Maybe it’ll ruin me later on who knows. Trust ea to mess up an update

  4. Fot me is something else. In squad battle finish ManCity and :”there was an error comunicating with the fifa ultimate team server”

  5. press cansel and advance through game canselling accoung logging go to setting edit team and reset squads close the game run it again this time let your account log in and go to edit team and update squads and after that the problem is fixed next time you run the game theres no more trouble.worked for me;)

  6. Hi, congrats for the website, i’ll wait for EA the launch the patch to fix it.
    There’s another thing, i hope EA change somethings in Fifa 22, like 5 subs per game, every touch inside the box is a penalty and other issues like new stadium etc, thanks

  7. Thashen Pillay

    I found a fix, on xbox, sign out and then sign back in while on the game and click RS to reconnect and it will work

  8. Munažar Älly

    For me its different…every shot i make in fifa is a low shot..and the gameplay feels soo weird

  9. Thanks for your advice, Great help to the likes of Me, who is a newbie to the gaming scene..

    Cheers Arya, You’re a Good’un..

    Over & Out..
    Thanks again Arya..
    All the Best.. Take Care Bud.. DJ85.. x

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