FIFA 21 – Flashback Arjen Robben SBC Cheapest Method | FUT SBC Solutions

Yes, finally the Flashback Arjen Robben SBC is here. Even though the card has a two-star weak foot but I am going to do this SBC because I love this guy. He is fast and pretty much automatic with his left foot. So lets find out what is the cheapest way in which we can actually do this SBC.

FIFA 21 – Flashback Arjen Robben SBC Cheapest Method | FUT SBC Solutions

Let’s check out the requirements for the SBC first :

  • Netherlands Players: Min 1 (At least 1 player from the Netherlands)
  • Team of the Weak Players: Min 1 (At least 1 Team of the Weak Player)
  • Team Overall Rating: Min 85 (85 or more rated squad)
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75 (75 or more team chemistry)
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11 (Exactly 11 players in the squad)

This is the squad I have used for this SBC :

  • I have used most players from a single league since they the required team chemistry is 75.
  • Caceres is one of the cheapest Team of the Week Players and hence I used him on RW.
  • K.Navas is the cheapest 87-rated card out there perhaps. You can also use Busquets. They are similar in pricing.
  • The SBC cost me a little less than 160k.
  • You might have a lot of fodder in your squad. You can use them to reduce the overall price of the SBC.

Hopefully, this makes it easier now for people who were wondering what could have been the cheapest solution to this SBC. To be honest, I will only do the SBC because of an emotional connection I have with the player. I know the two-star weak foot will let me down but still, I can have a lot of fun with the card. Enjoy the game

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