FIFA 21 -FOF Path To Glory Upgrade | Should you do this SBC?

Confused about the FOF Path to Glory Upgrade SBC? Well, you have come to the right place. I will tell you whether this SBC is worth it or not.

FIFA 21 -FOF Path To Glory Upgrade | Should you do this SBC?

FOF Path To Glory is exactly like the What If promo but with a few players who have at least represented their nations once in their football career. The cards will get upgrades depending on the wins their teams get. So there is a possibility of a card going up to 99 overall with 5-star skill moves and a 5-star weak foot. Now wouldn’t that be amazing? We all know how meta the 5-star skill moves this year even more than the 5-star weak foot.

So EA has dropped a new SBC upgrade – The Path to Glory Upgrade. This will give you a guaranteed FOF Path to Glory player. However, the SBC is definitely not cheap. The SBC will cost you around 210k to 270k coins depending on the platform. Although we do have a lot of other SBCs with guaranteed good fodder like 83+x10, the 85+ player pick, and so on. This will definitely reduce the overall coins required to do the SBC.

Is the SBC Worth it?

This is the question that has been bothering me since EA dropped this SBC. Is this SBC good enough? Will this SBC give me a win? Or will I end up getting a player whom I would probably use as Fodder in the future? Well, let’s say that it is by far the toughest decision I had to take in terms of the SBCs this year.

The drop rates on this SBC do not look good. I had completed this on 3 accounts and I had got Yazici on two of them and Zakaria on one. Now I know 3 is not enough to judge the drop rate of a certain pack. Therefore, I did a little research and I asked people and checked what drops they had got.

From what I found out it seems like most of them have got Yazici. Now, honestly, that is the worst card you can pick from this pack. And Zakaria is also not that good, to be honest. Many of them packed Golovin cards, which look great, to be honest. But the question is – Will these cards get upgraded? Remember they need to win to get upgraded. And cards with weaker nations and clubs would actually struggle to get a win. I am not undermining the potential and capabilities of their teams, it is just that I think they are not as good as Brazil or Germany, or France.

With that being said, not once did I come across someone who had packed Vinicius Junior (the best card you can get from this pack). But I did find a couple of guys who had packed Griezmann. Overall the most commonly packed player would be Yazici, Golovin, Zakaria, and Hazard. I do not feel spending 250k coins for these cards would be worth it. Even though most of the cards are above 250k in price and would get even costlier with the upgrades.

Therefore, considering the drop rates on this pack, I would say it’s a risk doing this SBC. But, since only 6 players are below the 250k mark and 10 players above it, and also a possibility for an upgrade, I would say it might just be worth the risk.

Well, if you can complete this SBC within 120k-150k coins and the rest with fodder then I guess you can definitely go for it. On top of that, the players will get upgraded after this so I guess this is the best time to do the SBC. I would personally do this SBC even with the weak drop rates. The game is almost over and we do not have much to lose here. So why not try our luck?

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section and also share your thoughts on this SBC. You can share your pulls from this pack as well. Enjoy the game.

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