FIFA 21 – Frequent Disconnections in FUT Co-op Matches and Lobby

Gamers with early access are enjoying FIFA 21. EA Play members are enjoying the game since the 1st of October while Ultimate and Champions editions users started their FIFA journey on the 6th of October. There are a lot of changes in the gameplay compared to earlier editions and a lot of FIFA Ultimate Team features too.

One of these features is the new Co-op Modes, where we can play with a friend as a team. We can play Friendlies, Division Rivals, and Squad Battles too. However, with the co-op being a new feature added this year there are a few problems users have faced. The most annoying of them all is the random disconnections while playing a co-op game. These disconnections are becoming more frequent every day.  So how do we get this fixed?

FIFA 21 – Frequent Disconnections in FUT Co-op Matches and Lobby

Disconnections are the worst thing in an online game especially when you check your connection right after you get the Dc and you find out that you are doing absolutely fine. Co-op modes are buggy. Users get Disconnected in the lobby, during the game, and even in Squad Battles where you do not connect with an opponent.

The error would generally say your opponent has forfeited the match due to lesser players if you are in a game or else it would say that there is a mismatch with your opponent’s squad which is obviously not true.

Is There a Fix?

Apparently not, I would have to say. There isn’t any proper fix to this issue at the moment. Probably we would have to wait for a patch fix. But for the time being, we can definitely try something which might help us with this problem.

  • Launch Origin
  • On the left panel select My Game Library
  • Select FIFA 21
  • Right Click on FIFA 21 and Click on Repair

If you are using the Steam version of FIFA 21  then follow these steps instead :

  • Launch Steam Client
  • On top select Library and click Home
  • From the left panel select FIFA 21
  • Right-click on FIFA 21 and select Properties 
  • The click on Local Files tab
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files 

This will basically verify the game files and download any missing files if required. The time taken will be according to the size of the game. Once done you can relaunch the game. Hopefully, this should do the trick but unfortunately, if it doesn’t, waiting for a patch from the developers will be the best thing to do.

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