FIFA 21 – FUT Birthday Ozil SBC | Is he Worth it?

Ozil had been my personal favorite footballers. He is one of the best playmakers the game has seen. His FUT Birthday card looks good on paper. But if you are confused on whether to do this SBC or not then you have come to the right place.

FIFA 21 – FUT Birthday Ozil SBC | Is he Worth it?

We are looking at a  card which is 5’11” with Medium/ Low Work rates . He has a 4 star for skill moves and a 5 star for weak foot. Lets check out the pros and cons on this card

SBC Price :

He is pretty cheap at the moment.

  • PS – 150,000
  • Xbox – 149,000
  • PC – 170,000

Pros :

  • His passing is out of this world. You can actually go for those long through balls with this guy.
  • His positioning at CAM or ST is really good. Stays Onside and makes the runs when needed. Pretty solid Offensive AI
  • His dribbling is crisp and feels so smooth due to his Unique body type
  • Shooting is also good. Will finish most of his chances.

Cons :

  • Pretty weak physically.

Chem Style :

  • Hunter definitely goes well . His dribbling is already good so we can work with the pace and shooting
  • Engine or Hawk are good choices too

Final Verdict | Should you do the SBC ?

This SBC is pretty cheap. Around 150k . And if you have a lot of fodder you can get him without spending extra coins. As for in game performance yes he is worth it. He is worth getting. Even if I cannot fit him in my squad I will still get him because he is that good. I will use him as a super sub for CAM incase I do not manage to fit him in the squad. I would say go for this SBC. Enjoy the game.

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