FIFA 21 – How to Beat SCRIPTING and Win more Games

Scripting in FIFA is perhaps the most controversial topic to have ever been discussed. While some claim that it is all in the mind, some have actually uploaded proof that the game actually dictates outcomes beforehand. From a technical point of view, what some people define scripting as could actually be the influence of Momentum and DDA. But more often we have seen that having momentum on your side does not necessarily mean you win the game.

What is Scripting?

From what we have collected from people who have described scripting in forums is that the game would actually be in favor of a side hence determining the outcome of the overall game.  This also includes the influence of Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment and Momentum as well. But then what do we say about a team having 20 shots on goal scoring one goal the team scoring 2 out of 2 and winning the game? Was that fair? No. Does this happen in real football? Yes, it does. But the question is – Has EA overdone this?

At the end of the day, it is a video game and some people are just better at the game. Trying to copy what happens in real football to a video game is a good move but overdoing it is certainly not. There are at times when your 92-rated Ronaldo would miss an empty net while a 78-rated common gold card would score a screamer.  So does stats do not matter?

Why am I paying a million in-game coins for Ronaldo if he would just miss an empty net? This leaves us wondering if are we really bad at the game. I would say no, we are not. The stats on a character are not absolute (not 100). That 1 point less from being absolute would actually be the room for error.

Now how does this “error” work? When does this “error” happen? The answer to this is unknown to us. And this my friends is what we term DDA. In some matches, you would feel your players are turning like trucks, cant pass, cant score, and in some matches you feel everything you do is working for you. This is the influence of DDA. The outcome of which we term scripting.

FIFA has gone to a point where the influence of DDA is literally making the ball go physically through the legs of a defender and end up in the back of the net,  which is impossible. It somehow feels that the outcome is pre-determined. As if you are meant to lose the game from the moment the ref blew the whistle. This influenced outcome is due to scripting.

FIFA 21 – How to Beat Scripting and Win more games

So this sounds pretty simple but the fact that the room for error at times becomes so much that we cannot do anything but just stare and think to ourselves ” What on earth is my team doing !!!!”. This is what we call getting Handicapped in the game which basically means we had nothing to do about it. Your defense would split wide (even on 3 depth), so wide in the 45th minute that the striker could just score with eyes closed. The question is why is this “error” so dominant that it literally could determine the outcome of games?

However, contradicting this theory of Scripting would be Ander Vejrgang’s amazing 360-0 run in the Weekend Leagues. So does he not face Scripting at all? Well, he does, but he knows how to beat that in-game. There is a way of beating scripting in FIFA. And this is what we are here for :

  • We have often noticed that when we buy a new player, he performs outstandingly. But then, his performance slowly goes down. Buying new players to your squad would actually help your team play better. Of course, some players keep performing for hundreds of games but I am confident enough to say that there would be no FIFA player who would disagree to the fact the when you buy new players they play well in your squad. So keep making changes. Playing with the same team for a long time could actually bring down your team’s performance.
  • Try Deleting your squad in the game and make a new squad with the same exact players. This helped me a lot with in-game player performances.
  • Wonder, why Pro players and Youtubers always keep changing their custom tactics in every video and why when you use the same custom tactic for a long time it just does not work the way it did before. This is EA’s way of telling you to do something new. Try changing your tactics more often. Once every week is good enough.
  • When you go down a goal, you need to try and get a goal back in 5-10 minutes of in-game time by going on attack mode. the quicker you get the goal, the quicker the momentum shifts to your side. If you cannot get a goal in the next 5-10 in-game minutes, then just slow things down. It is seen that when you slow down things your team starts to get more control over the game. If you keep attacking and keep failing to score, your opponent will eventually score on a counterattack.
  • The 2-0 bug is brutal. If you go up 2-0 pretty quickly, chances are that your opponent will get back in the game eventually. So the moment you go 2-0 up, change to a defensive tactic and slow things down. Pass around the ball.
  • Do not attack too much. Yes, this one is pretty lame since we all have our playing styles. FIFA 21 runs a meta of defending patiently and counterattacking. Pretty much the worst kind of football but it is how it is. If you attack too much you will be surprised to see how many times you will miss will players who almost finish every chance they get. Work the ball around and play at a normal pace. Not too slow and not too fast.
  • Making the right Subs at the right time could also change the momentum in your favor. Never sub the goal scorer. In almost 90% of the games you play, you will see that one guy would score 2 or even 3 goals. So even if the guy is struggling just do not sub out the goal scorer. Chances are he will get another goal for you.
  • At times, you need to pause and change your tactics and player instructions during the game. Even if it’s not logical, the fact that you have made a change could work in your favor.

Hence these are the ways in which you can try and beat scripting. I cannot guarantee you that it works 100% of the time but it does work to an extent that would make you see a difference. You could give it a try since till now we had absolutely no clue how to beat scripting. Little things like these could eventually shift the momentum in your favor hence helping you get the win. It is much better to give it a try than have broken controllers over the weekend.

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