FIFA 21 – How To Do 500 Goals with 85+ Rated Squad Quickly in FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is not just about playing Rivals and FUT Champs. There is a lot of ground we can do in order to get some good packs. It is always good to open some free packs early on in the game. And if we are blessed with a good pull there is nothing like it.

FIFA 21 – How To Do 500 Goals with 85+ Rated Squad Quickly in FIFA Ultimate Team

One of the ways in which we can get free packs is by grinding Objectives. Milestones are a great way to get good packs. One of the milestones which is pretty easy to get but needs a lot of grinding is one of the Finishing Mastery Milestones. You have to get 500 goals with an 85+-rated squad.  Now we know that getting an 85+ rated squad is a bit expensive early on. But we really need the Jumbo Rare Players Pack which it gives as a reward. So how can we easily do it :

Easiest Way :

  • 85+ Rated squad means 85 rated or higher. So we can do this milestone objective with at least an 85-rated squad.
  • Let’s be honest. We need to spend some coins to get to the 85-rated squad first. We can spend as much as we can in the starting 11 by buying players who are rated higher but are low-priced. Like Busquets and Suarez.
  • If we still have difficulty getting an 85-rated squad there is a little trick we can do. EA gives us loan cards at the start of the game. Like a loan Mbappe or any loan card which is 87 rated or higher. Your bench is also included in the squad rating. So put these high-rated loan cards on your bench to increase the rating of your squad. But do not use them until the objective is over.
  • We can score goals in any FUT game mode. It is not specifically mentioned which one. So just go over to Squad Battles. Play at Amateur or Beginner difficulty. It is funny how we can score over 40 goals in a match. Play a few. Maybe 10-12 matches will be enough to get you 500 goals. Remember your goals in Rivals and FUT Champs also count.

These are the simplest ways in which you can actually achieve the 500 goals target. It may take some time but the pack is good and it is worth it. Player packs are always good. We can get good players as well as a lot of SBC fodder. Enjoy the game.

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