FIFA 21 – How to do 95 Futties Adama Traore Objectives Quickly and Easily | FUT Milestones

Wondering how to get the 95 rated FUTTIES Adama card quickly ? Here is how you do it.

FIFA 21 – How to do 95 FUTTIES Adama Traore Objectives Quickly and Easily | FUT Milestones

The new FUTTIES Adama Traore like the Atal card looks absolutely cracked. We all know he had been a nightmare for defenders when brought in as a super sub in the second half earlier this year. In fact, his FUT Birthday card was so good that people started him as a striker. He surely did wonders with his 5-star skill moves and amazing strength. He literally used to bully my gold Varane back then. Imagine how amazing this new card would be. On top of that, he is absolutely free. But, just like FUTTIES Atal, you need to grind him a lot.

Where to find FUTTIES Adama Traore?

If you are looking for this card in the Objectives section then you will not get him. You need to go to the Milestones tab and scroll down until you see the Milestone Objective FUTTIES Favourite Adama

How to complete the FUTTIES Adama Objectives Quickly?

Let me tell you that the objectives for this card are not that difficult. It’s just that it requires a lot of grinding. Let’s check out the objective for this card first and I will also explain how to get it done quickly.

  • Spanish Scorer – Score 4 goals using Spanish players (use players like FOF Morata or anyone with good finishing ability. Can be done in FUT Champs)
  • Premier Talent – Win 3 matches with at least 6 Premier League players in your starting squad. You need to have a minimum 6 Premier League players (could be more than 6 but not less) in your starting eleven. Bench does not count and you can have other players in your starting squad as well. (Use Ferran Torres since he is both Spanish and from the Premier League. Can be done in FUT Champs)
  • Weak Foot Finisher – Score using 4-star Weak Foot players in 4 separate games of Rivals or Squad Battles with minimum Professional difficulty. This gives you 89 FUT Birthday Adama (Also use 6 or more Premier League players for this objective as well)
  • On the Volley – Score 2 Volleys with 89 FUTB Adama. (Use Rainbow Flick and volley can be done in FUT Champs as well)
  • Traore Tee-up – Assist 5 goals total in Squad Battles with minimum Professional Difficulty or Rivals. (Can be done in 1 match. You do not have to play separate matches. Play Adama as a striker or CAM and keep assisting as many as possible. Easy on Squad Battles in Professional Difficulty)
  • Fast Finisher – Score using 89 FUTB Adama in 4 separate Rivals Wins or Squad Battles Wins on minimum Professional difficulty. This gives you 92 Fatties Adama. (Needs to be done in 4 separate matches. Score in each match). 
  • Hat-trick Hero – Score a Hat-Trick using 92 Fatties Adama in Rivals or Squad Battles with minimum Professional difficulty. (Can be easily done in 1 Squad Battles match)
  • Cross-Curator – Assist a total of 3 goals with crosses using the 92 Fatties Adama in Rivals or Squad Battles on minimum World Class difficulty (Whenever you go 1 v1 with the keeper just wait for your teammate and then instead of passing just cross to him for an easy cross assist. Easily done in Squad Battles. You can do all 3 in 1 game also)
  • Double Delight – Score and Assist using 92 Adama in 3 separate Rivals or Squad Battles with minimum Professional difficulty. (You need to score as well as assist in 3 separate games)
  • Finishing Touch – Score a Finesse goal in 12 separate Squad Battle matches on minimum professional difficulty or Rivals (Score 1 Finesse goal at least for 12 separate matches. Try doing finesse even on an empty net or when you have dribbled the keeper.)
  • Playing Time– Play Adama Traore for 20 games in your starting lineup. (Can be done in FUT Champs)

There are some objectives that can be done in FUT Champs as well as I have said. If you are planning to play FUT Champs this week then you can do those while playing FUT Champs. Objectives like Crosses and Assists will go hand in hand. If you get a cross that leads to a goal it results in an assist. What you need to do is think about which of these objectives can be done in one match. Then do those objectives. If the objectives do not require a win just do not try for one. Take the loss but make sure you get that objective done.

Finesse shots, Hat-Trick hero, and double delight could be done in one game also. For double delight make sure you have the assist with a cross that would make it easier. Play all Squad Battles games in World Class Difficulty as the only objective which requires a World Class Difficulty is the one for the 3 crosses. When you complete that switch to professional difficulty for making things easier.

There you go, the easiest way to quickly get the 95 FUTTIES Adama Objectives done. If this guide was useful please let us know in the comment section. Also, share your thoughts on this card.

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