FIFA 21 – How to Easily do Skills on Keyboard / Button Configuration

FIFA had always been easier with a controller. 360 degrees angular control for a controller compared to only 90 and 45 degrees control on all directions for a keyboard. We can easily understand which one gives you an upper hand. However there are PC gamers who love to play with a keyboard and prefer it over a controller any day.

Now what is football without being a little flashy at times. Football isnt all about the skill moves but knowing a few might get you out of tricky situations. But the problem with most keyboard players is that they do not know how to pull off the skill moves in game. They don’t even know which buttons to assign to the right stick controls .

So how do we configure the keyboard controls for a better and more skillful game than just abusing pace and spamming fake shots over and over again.

FIFA 21 – How to Easily do Skills on Keyboard / Button Configuration

So let me help you out by showing you how my game is configured on the keyboard first :

EThrough Ball
DShoot/ Volley/Header
SShort Pass/Header
QPlayer Run/ Modifier
ZFinese Shot Modifier
XProtect Ball
Up ArrowMove Up
Down ArrowMove Down
Left ArrowMove Left
Right ArrowMove Right
FSwitch to GK
HomeAttacking Tactics
EndDefensive Tactics
Page DownMentality
1Move Up (Right Stick)
2Move Left (Right Stick)
3Move Down (Right Stick)
4Move Right (Right Stick)

This is the Button Configuration that I use. Now Button Mapping is a very personal choice. You are free to map the way you like. In case if you are absolutely new and you do not have any clue about how to configure then feel free to use mine . You can also interchange Sprint and Through Ball Buttons to get a more classic FIFA configuration.

The point is no matter how you set the configuration on keyboard it is best if you have the skill buttons at a reachable angle and they should be assigned to consecutive keys like the one I showed you.

If you already have your right stick configured and you are okay with the skill moves then it is fine. If not you can definitely try this and see if this is good for you.

The reason for keeping the buttons in a consecutive order is that it is much easier to pull off skill moves.

For example pressing 2,3 and 4 in order would be a roulette move if your player is facing to the right of the screen and vice versa.

Similarly 4-2-2 would be a rainbow flick if your player is facing the left of the screen and 2-4-4 would be in the opposite way.

Spamming 1 and 2 at the right angles could help you do step overs , body feints and ball rolls with ease.

But yes, you need to practice . Go to the Arena and keep practicing the skill moves. You can also go to Customize in the FIFA 21 Menu and then select Settings  and then select Skill Moves. You will get every skill move in the game and how to do them. Practice them in the arena and run rings around the opposition’s defense . Enjoy the Game

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