FIFA 21 – How to do La Liga Upgrade SBC | 80+ Player Pick FUT

Team of the Season has always been the best time in FUT. We get the best cards, the best SBCs and the best player objectives as well. Speaking of which EA has released the new La Liga Upgrade SBC which gives you an 80+ rated 1 out of 3 player picks . If you are wondering whether this SBC is worth it or not and how you should do it then you have come to the right place .

FIFA 21 – How to do La Liga Upgrade SBC | 80+ Player Pick FUT

Let me tell you this that the best thing about this SBC is that you can do it multiple times. Therefore your chances of picking up a La Liga TOTS card is pretty good. Lets see how we can complete this SBC first :

The requirements for this SBC is pretty simple :

  • Player Quality : Exactly Gold – This means all 11 players should be Gold . Either common of rare but they need to be gold.
  • Rare Players : Min 5 – This means Rare Gold cards should be atleast 5. It can be more than 5 but not less
  • Team Chemistry : 30 – A team chemistry of 30 or more is required. Not less
  • Number of players in the squad : 11 – Total of 11 players needed

Should you do this SBC ?

Ofcourse you should. This SBC literally costs you nothing. If you have a lot of 75-79 rated useless fodder , its time to make use of them. On top of that the TOTS drop rate on this SBC is pretty good. So I personally do not find any risk doing this SBC. So I would recommend you all to do it as well.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know and please share your thoughts on this as well. Enjoy the game


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