FIFA 21 – How to do Matheus Cunha Headliners Challenge | FUT Friendlies

The Headliners promo is here and we have Matheus Cunha as an objective card. The card looks pretty amazing and would definitely be worth it since it is free. On top of that he is a Brazilian which gives you easy links to players like Neymar, Firminho, and Lucas .

But in order to do that you have to make sure you complete a certain set of objectives in the FUT Friendlies Headliners Challenge. Here is how we do it.

FIFA 21 – How to do Matheus Cunha Headliners Challenge | FUT Friendlies

Apart from the objectives you have for the Cunha card, you also need to meet the objectives of the Headliners Challenge. It could seem a bit confusing but here is what we need :

How to do Headliners Challenge :

This is how you need to build your team to enter the Headliners Challenge :

  • Your entire Squad including your Bench should have players belonging to at least 7 different Leagues. You could have more but not less than 7 leagues.
  • The starting lineup should have players from at least 7 different leagues or more. It should not be less than 7.
  • You can use Brazilian and French players for chemistry since they are there in most of the leagues around the world.

How to do Matheus Cunha Objectives :

Once you understand you to build your squad for Headliners Challenge, the Matheus Cunha objectives should be easy

  • Raising the Heat: You need to score a goal from outside the box and you also need to win that game.
  • Scorching Samba:  You need to score and assist in the same match using Brazilian players for 2 separate matches. You also need to win both matches.
  • Through Temperature: You need to assist with a through ball with a player who has at least a 4-star weak foot (could also be 5-star) in 3 separate matches. You also need to win those 3 matches.
  • Headline Hero: You just need to win 4 matches.
  • Scoring Streak: You have to score using Bundesliga players in 10 separate matches. You don’t need a win. Just score at least 1 goal with a Bundesliga player in 10 separate matches.

Hopefully, now it should be easier for you to understand how to do the objectives for Matheus Cunha under the Headliners Challenge. Enjoy the game.

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