FIFA 21 – How to do Three Nations Live FUT Friendly

FIFA 21 has given EA Play and EA Play Pro users access to play the game from the 1st of October. So if you are an EA Play member then you can enjoy tons of benefits from FIFA 21 like extra XP for the season, Early Access Objectives for more rewards like player packs.

One of these Early Access Objectives is the Three Nations Live FUT Friendly objective. This objective includes playing 3 matches , winning 4 matches , scoring 10 and assisting 8 with player in your squad from 3 Nations / Regions . Now I did try out a squad consisting of players from 3 nations but somehow the criteria was still not met. So what should be the starting lineup for the criteria to be met.

FIFA 21 – How to do Three Nations Live FUT Friendly

So as the name suggests we need to have 3 nationalities in our squads right? Yes, but actually No. Just having 3 nationalities was not enough when I tried it for the first time. So what could be the criteria?

  • You need to have 3 Nationalities from 3 Different Leagues .
  • This was shocking to me too when I found out that your Bench needs to have the same criteria. So 3 nationalities and same league for your subs too . And they have to be the same nationalities you used in your starting 11.

A lot of us would not know about the bench criteria too. So yes, EA were not clear enough. Normally last year any objective would only refer to the starting 11 and not the bench. This time it is different . Enjoy the Game .

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